Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Ben is the Designated Driver Episodes 20-21

You can listen to episode 20 here and episode 21 here!

Latte: Ben continues to work on the Weasley sweater, Abby is working on Cassidy, which she's KAL with Gigi of the Knitmore Girls, and she is almost finished with the Snapdragon Mittens, and is still working on the Blattwerk socks.

Grande: Ben finished the Link hat for his girlfriend. In case you don't know, Link is the main character in the Legend of Zelda games from Nintendo. Abby wants one, too. Abby finished the Maia shoulderette and wants to find a way to wear it without looking like an old lady.

Brewing: Abby is trying to figure out how to plan the spinning for the Texting Mitts; Ben wants to make Link gauntlets (hence the theme music throughout the podcast). We talked about looking in the book "Power Cables" by Lily Chin for cable inspiration and illumination.

Abby and Ben are making grand plans for a Knitwiki and Dishwiki (names may change). This was inspired by Meghan from Stitch It's Cranberry Cheesecake Pie. Meghan substituted agave nectar for sugar and greek yogurt for sour cream. Abby kept these modifications and added a crust made from 1 cup flour, 1 stick butter, 1/4 cup ground almonds and a tablespoon or two of agave nectar. We welcome your modifications, too!

Stir: Abby gave her wheel a nice, big drink of Howard's Feed 'n' Wax and recommend that you give your wheel the care it deserves! Also, she is trying to watch Tools for Spinners and stay awake at the same time. Interweave gives you a discount if you download their DVD's rather than pay for the "hard copies".

Bite: We would like listener input on how and what you pack for knitting when you travel. Also, "what are you doing here"? See Ravelry group for further explanation....

Tip Jar: When knitting two socks, sleeves, or mitts at the same time, put each ball in a zip lock bag with the corner cut off for the yarn to exit. Keeps them from getting tangled! Ben says: watch your gauge when you switch needles, for instance from circular to dpns or one circular to two. Abby and Ben both note that increases (and decreases) continue to make themselves "known" even after you're done doing them. When you knit a toe up sock, stop increasing when the width of the sock just touches your pinky toenail. Abby learned this tip from Cat Bordhi.

This garment was grown from bacteria - really!

Demi Tasse: Abby shared one of the New York Times' great ideas of 2010: Biocouture.You can read about clothing grown from bacteria(!!!) here!

Coming next week (or soon)! Knit-Ed - our episode about teaching and learning knitting.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Killer Scarves! Episode 19 (with notes from Episode 18 too!)

Abby's "Firefly" hand spun. It bloomed beautifully!
Listen here!

Lethal knitting? Abby is compared to the murderous Madame Defarge, and relates the tale of Isadora Duncan's "death by scarf" as she speaks of her love for all things Cowl.

Latte: Ben is making a Brambles hat and preparing to make the "Weasley" sweater. Abby is knitting BFF socks, Maia, Tree of Life Socks and Coventry.

Grande: Ben finished the "It Looks Like Rain" sweater and Abby finished the Greenfield Cardigan!

We had a special guest, Deborah. Deborah is an intern at Vogue Knitting, and she is a busy student and yarn evangelist! You can find her blog here. Deborah is teaching people to knit and collecting hats for the needy. She hopes to distribute them at this year's Midnight Run. If you want to knit for charity, you can find a wonderful list of organizations here.

Tip Jar: Ben and Abby both like their wandas, and you can get one here! They also are both fans of KnitPicks Options Needles.

Taste: We reviewed Cookie A's new book, "Knit. Sock. Love."

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cat Dreams and Purple Legwarmers - Episode 17

A close-up of the Vine Yoke Cardigan

Latte: Ben is working on some vanilla socks and a rediscovered sweater. Abby has spent most of her week in the frog pond, ripping out the Maia Shoulderette, but has had a fair bit of success with the Greenfield Cardigan.

Grande: Ben finished his Kindle case with an unusual closure. Abby has completed her Vine Yoke Cardigan.

Demi Tasse: A quick roundup of new knitting magazines. Interweave Knits has a great new article by techknitter.

Brewing: Abby is contemplating colorwork and shoulder shaping.

Bite: Do you ever dream about knitting? Do you know how to pronounce Eunny Jang's name?

Chai: Abby's secret crush revealed! Abby talks about seeing him on Broadway. Our mini-contest winner was Ms. Kalendar of Brass Needles. Also, Patrick Stewart with hair!

Caffeinated: Pie is the new cupcake. Bittersweet Chocolate Cherry Nut Pie and Apple Green-Chili Pie With Cheddar Crust and Walnut Streusel.

Friday, November 19, 2010

I Know You Are, But What Am I? - Episode 16

Listen Here.

A simple picture of a simple sock

Latte: Ben is working on some vanilla socks and a kindle case. Abby is almost done with her Vine Yoke Cardigan.

Stir: Ben met up with Rachel (Roue) of the KnitCents podcast to learn to spin.

Bite: A quick reminder to prove that you were once a child. Don't be scared!

Chai: Abby went to see Pee Wee Herman live on Broadway with Dalya.

Mini-contest: Try to guess Abby's secret crush!

Brewing: Ben wants to modify God Save The Queen from Pretty in Punk for maximum ridiculousness, using Ella Rae Classic Superwash and Noro Taiyo. Abby has experienced a flurry of inspiration from reading The Knitter's Guide to Hand-Dyed and Variegated Yarn.

Tip Jar: Ben goes over the basics of the afterthought heel. Abby talks about learning to read your knitting.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sharing the Embarrassment - Episode 15

Listen here.
Ben in a lion costume that Abby made. He was around three years old.

Lots of random things in this episode! Here are the most pertinent links:

Chai: Abby dropped in on the Men's Knitting Group at Knitty City. They have recently been profiled in the Wall Street Journal!

Tip Jar: Ben shared some unexpected uses for Judy's Magic Cast On.

Taste: We talked about some of our favorite TV shows. Abby is almost through all of Deep Space 9, while Ben is working his way through The Next Generation. New shows that they both like are: Boardwalk Empire, Terriers and Dexter. Both are looking forward to the new show The Walking Dead, about zombies, of course!

Come join our ravelry group and spread your own embarrassment by posting a picture of yourself as a child! We did.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ben is a Robot - and he never was a child Episode 14

Listen here.
Grande: Ben finished this vest of his own design. He's writing up the pattern to share.

Latte: Abby continues to work on her CeCe sweater, frog mittens, Tree of Life socks, and she started the Girl's Best Friend socks out of Trekking Hand Art. Ben is furiously trying to finish his Mojo socks.

Brewing: Ben's thinking up a new strawberry hat. Abby bought yarn for the Vine Yoke Cardigan. She noticed that the new yarn, Tosh Vintage is called "worsted", while the Free Range she's been knitting with is called DK. The DK, however, looks heavier than the Worsted. What do you think?

We talked about hats we like and asked listeners to share their favorite hat patterns on the ravelry group. Some of our favorites are: Cranio, Dead Fish, Jayne and Brain Monster.

Taste: Abby reviewed New England Knits, a book of classics with a twist.

Tip Jar: Ben shared a technique for jogless joins in the round, and Abby shared some tips from Maggie Righetti's Knitting in Plain English and Sweater Design in Plain English.

Finally, Ben claims that he was never a child, but there is evidence to the contrary!

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Halloween -- and Episode 13!

Listen here!

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Ghoul-latte: Ben is working on a vest of his own design. He's almost finished and is employing a "partial steek" technique. Abby's is making great progress on both the Tree of Life socks and the Knitmore KAL CeCe.

Chai-Day the 13th: Abby tells a spooky story about her failed attempts to felt (full) a knitted project.

Tip Jar: Abby recommends getting a tape measure and using it! Ben extols the joys and benefits of spit splicing.

Brewing: Ben wants to knit a tie. Abby dissuaded him from lining it. Abby's working on a new sock pattern (it's a secret!).

Stir: Ben is checking his mailbox for his Jenkins Turkish Delight and we hope for a spinning section from him soon. Abby's still spinning the superwash merino from Becoming Art.

Taste: Ben was amazed and thrilled when he finally watched The Nightmare Before Christmas, and both Ben and Abby love Tim Burton's films!

Extra: Dalya crocheted a Pikachu hat for Halloween! Check it out:
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Long Episode with a Funny Finish Ep. 12

This is what happens when Ben and I don't speak to each other for a week! Listen here.
Ben knits like the wind! He finished his Devon in a week and a half.

Ben has a vest of his own design on the needles. Abby started several projects and frogged almost as many. She couldn't stop herself from casting on CeCe for the next Knitmore KAL.
Abby is also working on a surprise for Dalya, as well as the Tree of Life socks by Janel Laidman from The Enchanted Sole. Abby is also itching to cast on the Vine Yoke Cardigan by Ysolde Teague.

Ben finished Devon! See above. Abby finally finished the Ada Lovelace socks. You can see them here.
Rhinebeck, of course! It was chaotic, it was fabulous. The weather was superb and Abby managed some well-planned stash enhancement.
This fabulous haul includes luxurious, yummy Free Range yarn from Sanguine Gryphon, acid green super saturated sock yarn from Fiber Optic and three skeins of fingering weight from the incredible Creatively Dyed. Abby also purchased a beautiful Turkish Delight Jenkins Spindle for Ben from Morgaine at Carolina Homespun.
Abby also had fun meeting and seeing lots of knitters and podcasters! Here are just a few photos:

Abby didn't spin this week, but she went a long way towards enabling Ben to start spinning - see above.

We talk a bit about Debbie Stoller in general, and review her new book, Stitch 'n Bitch Superstar Knitting: Go Beyond the Basics. Abby is a big fan of Debbie's magazine, Bust. We also mention two classic knitting books which anyone who wants to design his or her own knitwear should own at some point: Knitting in the Old Way and Sweater Design in Plain English.

We want to talk about yarn! What do you like, what don't you like? Which are your favorite yarns and for what purpose? We want this to be an ongoing investigation, so please let us know, either here, or on the ravelry group!

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Do Yiddish Cops Run in Doc Martens? Episode 11

Listen here!
Wow, we did a lot of talking this week! Here are the links for everything we talked about.

Latte: Ben is knitting Devon by Norah Gaughan, with modifications. He's devised a spreadsheet which allows him to see everything that is happening "at the same time". You can see -- and download -- the spreadsheet here. Ben says: "the chart attached applies only to size XS, but the same format could easily be used for any other size. Sleeve increases of -2 are to be placed at either side of the sleeve. No stitches are bound off in this version of the pattern. Ones set aside are to be placed on stitch holders, spare needles, or waste yarn. They will either be grafted later or used to start the collar."

Brewing: Abby is getting ready for the Knitmore Girls new knitalong: CeCe by Chicknits. It gives her something to shop for at Rhinebeck. She's also getting ready to cast on the Serpentine Socks from her handspun Sunshine of Your Love.

Demi Tasse: We discussed various strategies for breaking in Dr Martens shoes. Ben recommends Overunder Lacing to make things a bit easier. You can find a tutorial here.

Stir: Abby has started spinning some yummy fiber from Becoming Art in the colorway Firefly. The shop still shows up on etsy, but it looks like they haven't offered anything for sale this month yet. 

Bite: We review The Yiddish Policemen's Union and mention The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Klay, both by Michael Chabon. We've heard that the Coen brothers are making a movie of The Yiddish Policemen's Union, but have no solid information about it.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Abby has a Super Power and Ben has Ennui

Listen here!
Latte: Abby and Ben continue to work on their socks, but Abby has finished Acorns! (Well, except for the button band). 

Brewing: Ben's having a little knitting ennui - he can't decide exactly what to knit next. Feel free to send recommendations! Abby's ready for another sweater, or she might just pick up her partly finished Kingscot.

Abby and Dalya took the yarn bus to the Flying Fingers Yarn Shop in Tarrytown, New York. We highly recommend it! Tarrytown is right next to Sleepy Hollow, so if you're up for a Halloween, Headless Horseman type outing, this might just be perfect.

Abby bought some sock yarn, some mystery gift yarn and some mohair for Dalya. She also scored these fantastic buttons:

If you're coming to Rhinebeck, don't forget our Podcaster "Grip and Grin" at noon on Sunday. Abby will be there with Kari from the High Fiber Diet, SavvyGirls Deborah and Melanie, Sydney from Knaked Knits, and others!

We love to hear from you, so please feel free to comment here, on our ravelry group, or PM Abby (Abbyknitz) or Ben (Numbersandnoise) on ravelry.

Have a delicious week! Knit, knit!

For those who asked: here's a picture of the "mouse repellant" shoes (which have not repelled any mice).

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jay and Silent Bob Go to MakerFaire Episode 9

Listen here!
Latte: Ben has finished one of his Mojo socks, knit from Farmhouse Fannie's Fingering Weight. He loves using the sewn bind off, while Abby likes to use Jeny's Super Stretchy bind off. We discussed the merits of each.

Grande: Ben took scissors to his knitting and "refinished" his first sweater, Layers.

In "Taste", we review the podcast "Jay and Silent Bob Get Old" WARNING: this is not a podcast for the squeamish or highly sensitive. It is, however, both hilarious and heartbreaking, and well worth it if this is your sort of thing.

Cup of Joe to Go: Abby and Ben compare their experiences of knitting in class.

Chai: Abby went to the Maker Faire and had a fun and inspiring time. A knitted car cover (a great use for fun fur)

This is where anyone could learn to knit, crochet, embroider, felt or sew. Lots of yarn and fabric was given away for "make it and take it" projects.

Knitted New York!

Life size Mousetrap game.

Dalya (Abby's daughter/Ben's sister) learned to solder at the SparkFun tent. 
Human powered vehicles of all kinds dotted the faire grounds.
Abby is inspired to add electronics to her crafting, and she purchased Fashioning Technology at the Faire. Abby will report back on her venture into what seems to her like the magical world of electricity.

Abby is going to Rhinebeck on Sunday, October 17th, and there might be a little podcast surprise. Let us know if you can make it!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We're Bi-Coastal!

Listen here.

Ben and Abby got together via Skype. The sound quality isn't perfect, but we think it's pretty good! 

Abby talked a little bit about the Ada Lovelace socks again, and revealed to those who might not know, that Ada Lovelace is a real historical person who was the daughter of Lord Byron (the poet) as well as the FIRST computer programmer!

Ben continues to work his Mojo magic. His yarn stash finally arrived, so more knitting should be forthcoming.

Abby gave up on the flame socks, but not before taking a few photos.
She frogged the flames and is now working on some near-vanilla socks with the gray yarn. This is her current "knitting in class" project.

"Acorns" proved more of a challenge than Abby originally anticipated, but she's having a great time with it now that she's gotten a few repeats done.

Neither Ben nor Abby had anything to share in "Grande". We just didn't finish anything this week!

In "Bite" we reviewed Boardwalk Empire. We'd love to hear your reviews as well. BTW, there are some cool wallpapers on the HBO site for you to download.

Ben has a cardigan "brewing"; he's working out some unique construction to eliminate some seams while emphasizing others. Abby continues to "brewed" about gauge, and noted that Amy Tyler did a "wraps per inch" experiment which showed just how subjective measurements can be. An excerpt of the article can be found here.

In "Stir" Abby has finished spinning her "sample singles" from the Susan's Spinning Bunny Merino-Tencel. She'll ply, swatch and report back shortly.

Chai brings us a story of Sukkah building in Olympia WA, and a rodent invasion in Abby's apartment. Bonus: Check out some very unusual sukkot (plural of sukkah) in New York City here!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Engaged with Gauge

Listen here!
Sorry that the show notes are a little latte, I mean late!
Ben returned to WA, and Abby is solo, at least for now. She continues to work on Ada Lovelace, and has swatched and cast on Acorns
Louisa is the size of a small city in Montana, and Abby contemplates what to do with this enormosity.
Abby went to Sag Harbor and enjoyed wearing Annis and Clapotis.
Review: Around the World in Knitted Socks and Sockupied; both from Interweave Knits.
Elizabeth Zimmerman makes a "guest appearance" to talk about gauge, from Knitting Without Tears.
Abby has two fleeces in her stash, both processed by Shari at  Morro Fleece Works. One is a white Cormo from Sue Reueser's farm!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

We Get Silly

Listen here.
Ben and Abby really got a case of the giggles. Still, we managed to talk about a variety of topics. Ben is knitting a "Kindle Cozy" based on the Vespergyle mitten pattern. He's also thinking about how to incorporate conductive yarn into his mittens, like the yarn in these Dots Gloves.

His Mojo socks are turning out beautifully. Abby is working on Quincy by Jared Flood, but she's using some of her earliest handspun, so the pattern is being severely modified. Abby's also planning a gansey for someone out of her Tour de Fleece yarn.

Abby committed to using some of her stash yarn to knit both Acorns and Coventry from the latest Twist Collective. This is a response to an apartment that seems, impossibly, even smaller than the one she just moved out of.

After much discussion and listener input, Ben and Abby both decided that there really is no such thing as an introvert or an extrovert!

A trip to Habu Textiles was exotic, exciting, tantalizing and somewhat baffling. Abby bought some 40 micron stainless steel "yarn" from which she hopes to knit some beaded jewelry.

Ben and Abby lifted their coffee mugs to the new Kindle, and discussed knitting in class.

Abby takes notes with her Livescribe computer pen, an amazing gadget which captures your notes as well as audio and links them for future reference.

If you're making plans for October, Abby would love to meet up with you in Rhinebeck on Sunday.

Finally, don't forget to visit us on our ravelry board!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

What's in a name? Apparently, quite a bit!

Listen here!
This week, Ben had nothing to say, but Abby really ran off at the mouth! In Grande, I found that Louisa turned out very grande indeed! 

I was refreshed without any calorie intake at Chocolate Bar, where I enjoyed iced fair trade Black Coconut tea. 

I'm experiencing severe startitis, between the new Norah Gaughan book, Rowan magazine and some delicious patterns in the new Twist Collective: Hallett's Ledge, Hawthorne, Acorns, and Coventry. I'm also pretty excited about Rosemary Hill's Seven Small Shawls to Knit book.

In Stir, I contemplate serious swatching and sampling of my Superwash Merino & Tencel from Susan's Spinning Bunny.

Taste brings us Abby's review of Socks A La Carte 2 - Toes Up, and she throws down the gauntlet to Ben for his take on the book.

For Bite, I'm asking listeners to weigh in on questions about introversion and extroversion, as well as seamed versus seamless knits. Finally, if you have a favorite espresso maker or other great coffee maker, let us know!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Trip to Soho and an Ethical Dilemma

Listen here.
This week Abby is joined by her son Ben for the first (?) mother-son knitting podcast! 

In the Grande segment, Ben has finished two kippot out of Tahki Cotton Classic; Abby has finished ----- nothing!

In Latte (on the needles) Ben talks about his Mojo socks. Abby complains at length about her trials and tribulations with Louisa but she was finally saved by some great photos and helpful notes posted on ravelry by globaltraveler here.

This week's Taste comes from Ben, who reviews Jane Ellison's Queensland #9, and the pattern "Tom" in particular. He raises this week's ethical dilemma after having perused Jane Ellison's Noro:Men  Book at Canvasworks in Olympia, WA. He was especially taken with the pattern Montaro but asks how far inspiration can be taken.

Our Chai segment this week takes us on a trip to Soho and the East Village. We visited the amazing Purl Soho with our friend Urbanheart from ravelry. The store looks quite a bit like the website! Abby ogled the Japanese  and Chinese collectible sewing kits, the fabric and other exotic offerings. Ben purchased some Farmhouse Fannie's Fingering Weight in Bramble. Abby, meanwhile, was seduced by Anzula's "Squishy" sock yarn which she compared to the Sanguine Gryphon's Bugga. Both of these are apparently hard to come by, but Purl has lots of Squishy in stock. Abby was enchanted by the magazine selvedge and is almost ready to ditch New York for the British countryside -- well, not quite.

Finally, we had a fabulous meal in the East Village at Caravan of Dreams which features organic, live, vegan food -- and it's Kosher, too! Live music and friendly service helped us cool off from a steamy New York City shopping trip.

Our itunes feed is working for us now, so you can subscribe and get your podcasts automatically. Thanks to Jasmin of the Knitmore Girls, we have a ravelry group as well, so come on over and talk to us. As usual, our theme music is by Jeff Wahl from "12 String" on magnatune.  We look forward to seeing you next week; don't forget to bring your coffee, tea or whatever quenches your thirst.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Slightly R-rated, and a Holmes is not a House

I continue to work on my Louisa sweater, despite frogging a day's knitting. I've selected the Mason-Dixon Outside the Lines  Mitered Hanging Towel as my go-to subway knitting.

The Citron is finished, but not yet blocked, and a lesson is learned about gauge.

Ben and I took a trip to Downtown Yarns in the East Village, and were thoroughly charmed by this intimate and homey shop in the middle of New York City! Abby bought Norah Gaughan Volume 7 and learned a little about why some sweaters are knit in pieces.

My Tour de Fleece singles are plied and set. It was shocking to see how much dirt came out in the soaking! I need to play with it a bit to figure out what gauge this yarn wants to be; maybe it will turn into the Coraline sweater, but may be not. I'm looking forward to playing around with my new Phat Fiber box of goodies.

Hair sticks are my latest accessory for keeping comfortable in the city summer heat, and Dimrs are my latest "r-rated" secret.

Finally, we hear a bit about the lastest British creation from David Moffat of Doctor Who fame!