Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sharing the Embarrassment - Episode 15

Listen here.
Ben in a lion costume that Abby made. He was around three years old.

Lots of random things in this episode! Here are the most pertinent links:

Chai: Abby dropped in on the Men's Knitting Group at Knitty City. They have recently been profiled in the Wall Street Journal!

Tip Jar: Ben shared some unexpected uses for Judy's Magic Cast On.

Taste: We talked about some of our favorite TV shows. Abby is almost through all of Deep Space 9, while Ben is working his way through The Next Generation. New shows that they both like are: Boardwalk Empire, Terriers and Dexter. Both are looking forward to the new show The Walking Dead, about zombies, of course!

Come join our ravelry group and spread your own embarrassment by posting a picture of yourself as a child! We did.

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