Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jay and Silent Bob Go to MakerFaire Episode 9

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Latte: Ben has finished one of his Mojo socks, knit from Farmhouse Fannie's Fingering Weight. He loves using the sewn bind off, while Abby likes to use Jeny's Super Stretchy bind off. We discussed the merits of each.

Grande: Ben took scissors to his knitting and "refinished" his first sweater, Layers.

In "Taste", we review the podcast "Jay and Silent Bob Get Old" WARNING: this is not a podcast for the squeamish or highly sensitive. It is, however, both hilarious and heartbreaking, and well worth it if this is your sort of thing.

Cup of Joe to Go: Abby and Ben compare their experiences of knitting in class.

Chai: Abby went to the Maker Faire and had a fun and inspiring time. A knitted car cover (a great use for fun fur)

This is where anyone could learn to knit, crochet, embroider, felt or sew. Lots of yarn and fabric was given away for "make it and take it" projects.

Knitted New York!

Life size Mousetrap game.

Dalya (Abby's daughter/Ben's sister) learned to solder at the SparkFun tent. 
Human powered vehicles of all kinds dotted the faire grounds.
Abby is inspired to add electronics to her crafting, and she purchased Fashioning Technology at the Faire. Abby will report back on her venture into what seems to her like the magical world of electricity.

Abby is going to Rhinebeck on Sunday, October 17th, and there might be a little podcast surprise. Let us know if you can make it!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We're Bi-Coastal!

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Ben and Abby got together via Skype. The sound quality isn't perfect, but we think it's pretty good! 

Abby talked a little bit about the Ada Lovelace socks again, and revealed to those who might not know, that Ada Lovelace is a real historical person who was the daughter of Lord Byron (the poet) as well as the FIRST computer programmer!

Ben continues to work his Mojo magic. His yarn stash finally arrived, so more knitting should be forthcoming.

Abby gave up on the flame socks, but not before taking a few photos.
She frogged the flames and is now working on some near-vanilla socks with the gray yarn. This is her current "knitting in class" project.

"Acorns" proved more of a challenge than Abby originally anticipated, but she's having a great time with it now that she's gotten a few repeats done.

Neither Ben nor Abby had anything to share in "Grande". We just didn't finish anything this week!

In "Bite" we reviewed Boardwalk Empire. We'd love to hear your reviews as well. BTW, there are some cool wallpapers on the HBO site for you to download.

Ben has a cardigan "brewing"; he's working out some unique construction to eliminate some seams while emphasizing others. Abby continues to "brewed" about gauge, and noted that Amy Tyler did a "wraps per inch" experiment which showed just how subjective measurements can be. An excerpt of the article can be found here.

In "Stir" Abby has finished spinning her "sample singles" from the Susan's Spinning Bunny Merino-Tencel. She'll ply, swatch and report back shortly.

Chai brings us a story of Sukkah building in Olympia WA, and a rodent invasion in Abby's apartment. Bonus: Check out some very unusual sukkot (plural of sukkah) in New York City here!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Engaged with Gauge

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Sorry that the show notes are a little latte, I mean late!
Ben returned to WA, and Abby is solo, at least for now. She continues to work on Ada Lovelace, and has swatched and cast on Acorns
Louisa is the size of a small city in Montana, and Abby contemplates what to do with this enormosity.
Abby went to Sag Harbor and enjoyed wearing Annis and Clapotis.
Review: Around the World in Knitted Socks and Sockupied; both from Interweave Knits.
Elizabeth Zimmerman makes a "guest appearance" to talk about gauge, from Knitting Without Tears.
Abby has two fleeces in her stash, both processed by Shari at  Morro Fleece Works. One is a white Cormo from Sue Reueser's farm!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

We Get Silly

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Ben and Abby really got a case of the giggles. Still, we managed to talk about a variety of topics. Ben is knitting a "Kindle Cozy" based on the Vespergyle mitten pattern. He's also thinking about how to incorporate conductive yarn into his mittens, like the yarn in these Dots Gloves.

His Mojo socks are turning out beautifully. Abby is working on Quincy by Jared Flood, but she's using some of her earliest handspun, so the pattern is being severely modified. Abby's also planning a gansey for someone out of her Tour de Fleece yarn.

Abby committed to using some of her stash yarn to knit both Acorns and Coventry from the latest Twist Collective. This is a response to an apartment that seems, impossibly, even smaller than the one she just moved out of.

After much discussion and listener input, Ben and Abby both decided that there really is no such thing as an introvert or an extrovert!

A trip to Habu Textiles was exotic, exciting, tantalizing and somewhat baffling. Abby bought some 40 micron stainless steel "yarn" from which she hopes to knit some beaded jewelry.

Ben and Abby lifted their coffee mugs to the new Kindle, and discussed knitting in class.

Abby takes notes with her Livescribe computer pen, an amazing gadget which captures your notes as well as audio and links them for future reference.

If you're making plans for October, Abby would love to meet up with you in Rhinebeck on Sunday.

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