Sunday, September 5, 2010

We Get Silly

Listen here.
Ben and Abby really got a case of the giggles. Still, we managed to talk about a variety of topics. Ben is knitting a "Kindle Cozy" based on the Vespergyle mitten pattern. He's also thinking about how to incorporate conductive yarn into his mittens, like the yarn in these Dots Gloves.

His Mojo socks are turning out beautifully. Abby is working on Quincy by Jared Flood, but she's using some of her earliest handspun, so the pattern is being severely modified. Abby's also planning a gansey for someone out of her Tour de Fleece yarn.

Abby committed to using some of her stash yarn to knit both Acorns and Coventry from the latest Twist Collective. This is a response to an apartment that seems, impossibly, even smaller than the one she just moved out of.

After much discussion and listener input, Ben and Abby both decided that there really is no such thing as an introvert or an extrovert!

A trip to Habu Textiles was exotic, exciting, tantalizing and somewhat baffling. Abby bought some 40 micron stainless steel "yarn" from which she hopes to knit some beaded jewelry.

Ben and Abby lifted their coffee mugs to the new Kindle, and discussed knitting in class.

Abby takes notes with her Livescribe computer pen, an amazing gadget which captures your notes as well as audio and links them for future reference.

If you're making plans for October, Abby would love to meet up with you in Rhinebeck on Sunday.

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  1. Found your lovely podcast a few days ago. I love the content, and I can't wait to hear more!

  2. I, too, just discovered the podcast.
    Listened to Episode 1 this morning. I love that you are a fan of Lucy Neatby's Cool Socks Warm Feet. While there are tons of sock-knitting books out there, Lucy's is my all-time favorite - I've learned so many techniques from that one book; techniques that I use in "other-than-sock" knitting, too.
    Keep the podcasts coming!