Thursday, September 16, 2010

Engaged with Gauge

Listen here!
Sorry that the show notes are a little latte, I mean late!
Ben returned to WA, and Abby is solo, at least for now. She continues to work on Ada Lovelace, and has swatched and cast on Acorns
Louisa is the size of a small city in Montana, and Abby contemplates what to do with this enormosity.
Abby went to Sag Harbor and enjoyed wearing Annis and Clapotis.
Review: Around the World in Knitted Socks and Sockupied; both from Interweave Knits.
Elizabeth Zimmerman makes a "guest appearance" to talk about gauge, from Knitting Without Tears.
Abby has two fleeces in her stash, both processed by Shari at  Morro Fleece Works. One is a white Cormo from Sue Reueser's farm!

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