Sunday, October 30, 2011

Llamas, Long Stories and Love - Episode 63

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Announcements: Ben's Challenge ends Halloween at 5PM EST.
Latte: Abby finished her first Cat Mitten, and started the sleeves of her Strata Sphere. She continued work on My Heart Beets 4U, and she's just cast on Klieo by Romi Hill. Ben has cast on another Classic World War II Watch Cap, this one for himself.
Grande: Ben finished his a WWII Watch Cap and an improvised hat and pair of socks for the protesters occupying Wall Street.
Bitter Cup: Abby experienced some difficulties with grosgrain ribbon on her Cassidy.
Brewing: In an unscheduled Brewing segment, Ben seeks Abby's advice on other means of strengthening button bands.
Chai: Ben teaches an impromptu knitting class in the craft section of Powell's City of Books. Abby talks Rhinebeck. She encountered the Dahlia Cardigan in the wild, on its creator. She picked up some Sunna from Spirit Trail Fiberworks. She also encountered an interesting modification of the Cardiff Coat, and met Stephen West.
Bite: We ask: Do others expect you to knit for them? Do you feel “selfish” when you knit for yourself? Do strangers assume you are knitting for someone else? What’s going on here?
Caffeinated: Abby loves her iPhone, Ben is holding out for a Galaxy Nexus. Plus, a story.
Demi Tasse: A mix-up in the mail.
The Tip Jar: Ben suggests designing or improvising hats in slices. Abby suggests checking out patterns in person.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mystery, Surprise and Suspense! - Episode 62

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Opening: Ben is drinking Teavana's Matevana
Latte: Ben is near the end of his Classic World War II Watch Cap, shaping the crown as the show goes on. Abby is knitting Jorid Linvik's Cat Mittens and a top secret project. She's finally finishing her Cassidy in time for Rhinebeck.
Grande: Ben finished Daybreak, but hasn't blocked it yet. Abby talks about putting shawls in outfits. She's done with the Anemoi mittens, but had some blocking difficulties. She also finished knitting flowers for Miss Kalendar's wedding.

Brewing: Ben is planning a bulky cardigan. Abby contemplates spoilers and knitting.
Chai: Abby spent a day with a listener from the UK, and visited the farmer's market.
Demi Tasse: Ben sorts his stash.
Cup of Joe to Go: Abby shares stories from her knitting group at Joe: The Art of Coffee, and some pictures of swatches dyed with cake decorating colors. Ben and Nichs spot the Snapdragon Tam in the wild.

Announcements: The next two shows may be slightly delayed due to knitting-related travel. Abby will be at both days of Rhinebeck. Abby and Ben have founded a group to knit socks and hats for the demonstrators occupying Wall Street.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Fall Line Up - Episode 61

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Latte: Ben loses the Daybreak race and casts on the Classic World War II Watch Cap for a second time. Abby is seeing structure on Strata Sphere and talks about yarn combinations for the Anemoi mittens.
Brewing: Abby plans for hat repair. Ben is planning an Ouroboros scarf and unveils his fall/winter knitting plans.
Stir: Abby wants to learn about spinning with a plan.
Caffeinated: Abby shares a recipe for Beet Salad with Chevre.
Demi Tasse: Abby has found a great new solution to her vision problems.
Tip Jar: Ben talks about knitting around different color palette, Abby talks about the properties of superwash.