Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shawl Together Now - Episode 56

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Latte: Ben is still knitting Daybreak and the Java socks. Abby is still knitting the Intrepid Traveller socks, the Strata-Sphere sweater, Lisianthus shawl and a pair of original socks.
Grande: Ben blocks his shawl, and we walk you through it, in great detail!
Bitter Cup: Ben's first try at a bow tie didn't turn out exactly as he'd hoped. He's ready to try again.
Chai: We knit on the subway; nobody noticed. Then we visited the Lion Brand Studio, where we got to test knit cashmere and other exotic yarns that are available only at the Lion Brand Studio or online. We then went to the Kinokuniya Bookstore, where we lost ourselves in the knitting, sewing and fashion books and periodicals. You can find more information about Japanese knitting stitches here.

Closeup of Ben's Bitterroot Shawl on the blocking boards.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Get Effusive - Episode 55

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Latte: On Abby's needles: Strata Sphere sweater, Intrepid Traveler socks, Lisianthus shawl. On Ben's needles: Daybreak, Java socks.
Bitter Cup: Ben and Abby peek at the spoilers for the Westknits Knitalong
Grande: Abby finished the Clandestine socks.
Brewing: Abby unvented a vertical buttonhole, after looking at the Tulips Buttonhole from TECHknitting.
Chai: Abby visited Knitty City and the Peacefood Cafe. And she's sharing a recipe for ginger-ade. Ben visited Infinite Yarns Inc. and picked out yarn with a five year old.
Bite: Ben's Challenge has now become a contest!
Taste: Ben and Abby flip through Knit Noro.
Demi Tasse: We rediscover Patricia Roberts.
Tip Jar: Now you can follow Abby and Ben on Google+

Monday, August 15, 2011

Out of the Comfort Zone - Episode 54

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Latte: On Abby's needles: Clandestine socks, Intrepid Traveler socks, Lisianthus shawl. On Ben's needles: Daybreak, Java socks.
Brewing: Ben is designing a bow tie, using techniques he learned from Cookie A at Sock Summit. In the eighties, Patricia Roberts designed several sweaters with dimensional bows in the design. Abby is unhappy with the buttonholes on her Cassidy and is trying to figure out a better way. Abby is also swatching for Strata Sphere in Noro Silk Garden. 
Chai: New York City is always full of surprises. This week, the basement of her building has bee turned into a home theatre, inexplicably sporting two humidifiers...
Caffeinated: Ben is excited about new clothing which breaks out of his typical style. Included in his new acquisitions are: Derby shoes, a bow tie, and some very LOUD suspenders! Abby is excited about the return of Doctor Who, and the Signature Needles she tried out at Sock Summit.
Tip Jar: Ben says: pick s yarn that is out of your comfort zone: make something from it! Abby reminds you that you can enlarge charts and make notes on patterns to make things easier to see.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ish - Episode 53

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Latte: Ben is working on the Java socks, Abby is working on Clandestine, a "Frankenstein" Rockin' Sock Club sock combining the two March patterns and a sock of her own divising. Abby also started Lisianthus, a lovely shawl by Romi Hill.
Bitter Cup: Ben started Daybreak but had to frog it and will start over. Abby had a disaster with Vonica, which is now in Time Out and may remain there a long, long time.
Brewing: We discuss the pros and cons of toe-up and top-down socks, and discuss other knitting dichotomies. Ben mentioned the Hat Heel Socks as another unconventional construction. Ben is planning a knitted plaid project and we talked about various ways to create plaid in knitting.
Chai: We talk about some more of our Portland adventures at: Burgerville, The Peoples' Sandwich, Voodoo Doughnut and Portland's lovely Rose Garden.
Tip Jar: Abby says: buy yarn! so that you can swatch generously. Ben says to draw inspiration from non-knitting sources and from such things as tree bark patterns, architecture and more.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sock Summit Summary - Episode 52

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Wow, Ben and I had the best time at Sock Summit! We abandon our usual format (but it will return next week).
Latte: Ben is knitting Java socks and Herringbone Mitts. Abby is knitting Vonica and Clandestine Socks.
Grande: Ben finished two knitted ties!  if you'd like to make a knitted tie like the one Ben is wearing above, you can download the pattern and chart here.
We had an amazing time meeting listeners and taking classes from the likes of Cat Bordhi, Cookie A, Anne Hanson, Franklin Habit, Amy Singer and more!