Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sock Summit Summary - Episode 52

Listen here.

Wow, Ben and I had the best time at Sock Summit! We abandon our usual format (but it will return next week).
Latte: Ben is knitting Java socks and Herringbone Mitts. Abby is knitting Vonica and Clandestine Socks.
Grande: Ben finished two knitted ties!  if you'd like to make a knitted tie like the one Ben is wearing above, you can download the pattern and chart here.
We had an amazing time meeting listeners and taking classes from the likes of Cat Bordhi, Cookie A, Anne Hanson, Franklin Habit, Amy Singer and more!


  1. Loved getting to meet you both during S.S. .
    Nearly choked while listening to the latest podcast when you mentioned me-glad I had just swallowed-

  2. Hi!! I love the pattern so far, i just had one question, under decreases row 1, what does "ask" mean? is it suppose to be ssk? I just want to make sure i don't do it wrong! and what about the other abbreviations? like wyif and wyib? just those three lol :) Thank you! great pattern, my tie is coming along great!

  3. Hi there, I'm at the point of where the Decreases start but the chart seems to be missing now. I just saw it the other day but didn't download it. Help ;)

  4. I am also interested in the chart, but it's not downloading.

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  6. I would also like the chart, but I cannot seem to find it. Where should I download it from?