Tuesday, August 28, 2012

92 Clusterfluffle!

We pick up the second half of Abby's conversation with Susan and begin with Brewing:

Susan knitted the Buccaneer's Cardi but the yarn didn't seem quite right for the edges. Susan crocheted an edge on the cardi and completely changed the look of the sweater and the edge.Susan now wants to get better at crocheting, so has decided to crochet a sweater to hone her crochet skills. She has selected a pattern from Vogue Knitting by Dora Orenstein. Susan has told herself, however, that she must finish three WIPs before purchasing the yarn for the sweater. 

Susan is also planning something for a deconstructed sweater she found in a thrift shop. She has dyed the yarn and wants to knit a sweater that will incorporate some silk scarves she found in her closet. 

Abby wants to knit Marin by Ysolda Teague, so….She's challenging herself to find an apartment first. If her apartment hunting is successful today she will buy the pattern and yarn at Verb!

Bitter Cup: Abby's Event Formerly Known as the Ravelympics was a total fail. 

Susan invented a great new word: Clusterfluffle. Please use it liberally.

Chai: Susan went to the Public Day at the Convention of the International Old Lacers, Inc. where she saw amazing and inspiring lace, including bobbin lace, tatting and of course, knitting. So far, she is resisting the lure of the lace pilllow. In counterpoint to Susan's refined lace outing, Abby went to a fabulous and unforgettable Weird Al concert at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga.

Stir: Susan has been spinning thick, yummy yarns. She went to Black Sheep Gathering where Sasha of the Spin Doctor podcast "fleece whispered" to Susan to spin some rustic three-ply and a thick and thin singles. Susan asked Abby to "whisper" about some Crown Mountain polwarth top and Abby suggested a three-ply fingering or sport weight yarn. Abby continues to spin "San Francisco Nights" from Crown Mountain. Susan at Abstract Fiber replaced the somewhat "felty" fiber Abby bought at Black Sheep Gathering.

Flavor of the Day did not appear in this week's podcast.

Tip Jar: Susan talks about muscle memory and how you can learn things with your body and let your brain relax and recommends getting in over your head. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

91 Knit Knitajourney Cafe

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Welcome Guest Barista Susan Dolph from the Knitajourney Podcast!

Latte: Susan has many (too many?) things on her needles. Right now she's knitting a pair of socks from The Sock Knitter's Handbook: Expert Advice, Tips and Tricks by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott
Even though Susan does not love socks, she is trying to finish a pair anyway, and she's almost done! She is also working on her "Flaming Whitby" Whitby cardigan out of orange Lamb's Pride Worsted. Abby feels challenged to knit something from a Rowan Magazine. Susan is also knitting the Tremont jacket  from Bryspun Kid-N-Ewe discontinued yarn from Jean Frost's first jacket book. Because she doesn't like bobbles or dots, Susan is going to "teach herself crochet" and apply an edge from Around the Corner Crochet Borders: 150 Colorful, Creative Edging Designs with Charts and Instructions for Turning the Corner Perfectly Every Time by Edie Eckman
Susan also will line her jacket, which will be another new experience for her. 
Finally, Susan is making a hat and mitten set for her Mother out of gray and red Cascade Lana d'Oro. It is her original pattern.
On Abby's needles: Java socks. She's also knitting the final ribbing for her Rocky Coast Cardigan. She is also using Lamb's Pride Worsted. Abby once knit an Einstein Coat from Sally Melville's "The Knit Stitch" out of Lamb's Pride Bulky and it is as warm as a winter coat. Abby has also started knitting a Color Affection shawl out of Cascade Heritage Silk. It's especially fun to knit because it's on a Signature needle.
Grande: Susan finished the Maia Shawl by Romi Hill. She's knitting it out of Pagewood Farms "Army Girl" color way. Susan also finished an Ishbel out of a Madelinetosh yarn. (merino light/) in Cosmos. Susan doesn't like to move stitch markers when she's knitting lace and prefers the type of lace in Wrapped in Comfort that doesn't change spacing. Susan does not use life lines; Abby recommends them. Susan also finished a sweater from a 1956 Bernat pattern book. She knit it out of Tofutsies, wholly using the Continental method of knitting, which is not her preferred knitting style. 
Abby, at long last, has finished the Dahlia sweater! Abby learned a good lesson in using blocking wires from Gigi of the Knitmore Girls.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

90 It Goes Sideways

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Latte: Ben is almost finished with Ebbtide and his original hat design. Abby is working on Java Socks, Rocky Coast Cardigan
Grande: Abby finished the Absinthe socks.
Bitter Cup: Abby's SPAKAL sweater has been giving her a variety of problems.She is trying to solve them with -- wait for it -- math! Frogging Irt'fa'a; trying to pick up Lysianthus but found a broken needle.
Brewing: Ben wants to knit complex stitches with dark yarn. Is this possible? Abby is "brewing" about serious lace knitting, i.e. Herbert Niebling after being enabled by Mary. Mary also provides this week's "Tip Jar": knitting is all one stitch at a time. Abby says she will take the plunge!??!!!!
Abby is developing the best ways to organize a stash, and she is enjoying using the Bento app.
Stir: Abby is spinning San Francisco Nights and she's spinning it "non-classic": singles to the left and plying to the right. This is, according to Judith Mackenzie, is a better yarn for Continental knitters (pickers).
Taste: Abby reviews The Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet by Hunter Hammersen The idea of Curiosity Cabinets reminded Abby of the work of artist Joseph Cornell.
Flavor of the Day: Ben begins a conversation about mixing patterns in clothing. It's such a big topic that we are going to continue this conversation in future episodes. For the coming week: take some time getting dressed and see what ideas occur to you!

89 - A Million Knitters

Latte: Ben picked up Ebbtide again. Abby is working on the Absinthe socks, Java socks and the Rocky Coast Cardigan. She's also swatched for her SPAKAL sweater.
Stir: Abby plied her Tour de Fleece yarn; it is heavier than she expected but beautiful. She's having a bit of trouble spinning Targhee and recommends Crown Mountain Farms to Ben.
Brewing: Abby needs a system for checking for errata. She keeps forgetting to do it. How can this problem be solved?
Chai: Ben went to the Baghdad Theatre in Portland for dinner theatre. He said Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter was so bad it was good. Ben urges you to seek out your local movie/dinner theatre. Abby is enjoying California, the Republic of Knitmore, the Purlescence knitting group and more!
Bitter Cup: Abby cannot knit something simple, i.e. the Java socks, without making mistakes! She has learned: when possible, make sure your needles and yarn contrast with each other. Abby was also "stained" by her Tour de Fleece yarn.
Tip Jar: Ben reviews how to wet splice yarn. Abby recommends Waze for iPhone owners who want turn by turn talking GPS. 
Announcement: Our Fashion and Style segment will henceforth be called Flavor of the Day.