Wednesday, August 8, 2012

90 It Goes Sideways

Listen here.

Latte: Ben is almost finished with Ebbtide and his original hat design. Abby is working on Java Socks, Rocky Coast Cardigan
Grande: Abby finished the Absinthe socks.
Bitter Cup: Abby's SPAKAL sweater has been giving her a variety of problems.She is trying to solve them with -- wait for it -- math! Frogging Irt'fa'a; trying to pick up Lysianthus but found a broken needle.
Brewing: Ben wants to knit complex stitches with dark yarn. Is this possible? Abby is "brewing" about serious lace knitting, i.e. Herbert Niebling after being enabled by Mary. Mary also provides this week's "Tip Jar": knitting is all one stitch at a time. Abby says she will take the plunge!??!!!!
Abby is developing the best ways to organize a stash, and she is enjoying using the Bento app.
Stir: Abby is spinning San Francisco Nights and she's spinning it "non-classic": singles to the left and plying to the right. This is, according to Judith Mackenzie, is a better yarn for Continental knitters (pickers).
Taste: Abby reviews The Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet by Hunter Hammersen The idea of Curiosity Cabinets reminded Abby of the work of artist Joseph Cornell.
Flavor of the Day: Ben begins a conversation about mixing patterns in clothing. It's such a big topic that we are going to continue this conversation in future episodes. For the coming week: take some time getting dressed and see what ideas occur to you!

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