Wednesday, August 8, 2012

89 - A Million Knitters

Latte: Ben picked up Ebbtide again. Abby is working on the Absinthe socks, Java socks and the Rocky Coast Cardigan. She's also swatched for her SPAKAL sweater.
Stir: Abby plied her Tour de Fleece yarn; it is heavier than she expected but beautiful. She's having a bit of trouble spinning Targhee and recommends Crown Mountain Farms to Ben.
Brewing: Abby needs a system for checking for errata. She keeps forgetting to do it. How can this problem be solved?
Chai: Ben went to the Baghdad Theatre in Portland for dinner theatre. He said Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter was so bad it was good. Ben urges you to seek out your local movie/dinner theatre. Abby is enjoying California, the Republic of Knitmore, the Purlescence knitting group and more!
Bitter Cup: Abby cannot knit something simple, i.e. the Java socks, without making mistakes! She has learned: when possible, make sure your needles and yarn contrast with each other. Abby was also "stained" by her Tour de Fleece yarn.
Tip Jar: Ben reviews how to wet splice yarn. Abby recommends Waze for iPhone owners who want turn by turn talking GPS. 
Announcement: Our Fashion and Style segment will henceforth be called Flavor of the Day.


  1. Great podcast! Great epiode! What are the names and tracks of the final song and the fanfare clip?

    1. The fanfare clip is part of GarageBand.