Monday, July 30, 2012

88 We Have Adventures!

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Latte: Ben and Abby discussed a comparison of their two takes on the  Java socks. Abby's is knit from Hazelknits Artisan sock yarn. Ben'sis BFL Flying Sock from Fly Designs What accounts for the difference? Could it just be that we're different knitters? We used the same size needles. Ben's yarn is 2 ply; Abby's is 3 ply. The properties of different sock yarns are discussed in Clara Parkes's book The Knitter's Book of Socks.

Brewing: Ben is going to "Pass the Hat" for the event formerly known as the Ravelypics. He will create a tumblr for submissions. 
Abby is thinking about knitting Eadon (the SPAKAL sweater) but she's not sure yet.

Stir: Abby finished the singles for Tour de Fleece then started spinning with her Jenkins Swan. She is now spinning Targhee roving by Abstract Fiber that she bought at the Black Sheep Gathering.

Poor Ben! Abby gave him some fiber and he couldn't spin with it. Verdict: It's TERRIBLE fiber! Ben needs to get some good fiber. Maybe what he has is moth-eaten? It's totally falling apart.

Chai: Reflection Farm! The Northwest Regional Spinning Association group of 2080 Spinners were having a day! Sherrill of the Barely Knitting Podcast told us how to find them!  Ann, one of their members, talks about her sheep Ewelanda and her lamb Littlelanda

We had a wonderful adventure at an undisclosed location :)
We also went to some of our favorite Olympia spots: Burial Grounds and Bonjour Cupcake

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