Sunday, August 25, 2013

125 The Game's Afoot!

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Welcome back Guest Barista Susan Dolph, formerly host of the Knitajourney Podcast!

Latte: Susan is knitting fingerless gloves out of Lamb's Pride Worsted. She's also working on two brown sweaters for herself. Her "famous" pink crocheted sweater is almost done! Abby is working on Color Affection, Narcissa socks - out of Mountain Colors Crazyfoot, and Lady Grey, a shrug by Rachel Erin, out of Wollmeise

Brewing/Taste: Abby's been watching What Not To Wear, now in its final season, and she is still thinking mightily about the issue of fit, both in relation to all clothing, but especially with regard to socks. Along those lines, she's acquired two new resources: Fish Lips Kiss Heel from Sox Therapist Designs, and Big Foot Knits by Andi Smith. Abby mentioned that the socks are photographed in John Fluevog shoes, after which she has lusted for many years. 

I highly recommend Big Foot Knits (Cooperative Press, from $16.95) and I'm very excited about diving into both of these resources. Also, see Cat Bordhi's sock books, where you will learn that a gusset is not always necessary, and that instep increases can be placed pretty much anywhere with the same effect.

Chai: Susan talks about a wee knitting retreat wherein everyone felt comfortable being fully themselves! 

Caffeinated: Abby is excited about Farmers Markets. Get yourself to one! Abby mentioned Ayers Creek Farm and The Smokery

Sofa: Susan is enjoying the music of Arthur Lee, which you can sample here, and  then Susan reads a children's book by Dave Pilkey. called God Bless the Gargoyles. Abby mentioned Far From the Tree, a very different book with some similar themes.

Tip Jar: Abby and Susan both encourage you to take good care of your feet! A product Abby loves is Glytone Ultra Heel and Elbow Cream.  

Sunday, August 11, 2013

124 - Grok the Sock

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Latte: I cast on another try at Color Affection. This time, I'm using Malabrigo Baby Silkpaca lace. 
Brewing: I am trying to get a handle on how to precisely fit a sock. I've referred to several sources, among them: Clara Parkes's The Knitter's Book of Socks, Techknitting, and's Foot Sizing Survey Results. I mention that the word "grok" comes from Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land, (and by the way, if you haven't read it, you should!). 
Bite: Verlyn Klinkenborg wrote a short column for The New York Times on Sunday, August 11th called Books to Have and to Hold. [Disclaimer: I was not familiar with this author and I think I mistakendly thought he was a woman. Sorry!] The question for you is: what is the difference for you between a paper book and an ebook? Corollary: what if your knitting projects simply disappeared when you finished them? Would you feel differently about knitting? In this segment, I mention Stephen King's 11/22/63. 
Taste: Review of The Unofficial Harry Potter Knits published by interweave/ 
Sofa: My new photo obsession is taking pictures inside of a kaleidoscope. I talk about the new season of Dexter, and the podcast Chop Bard.

Special thanks: DebC, for supporting me through a difficult change in my eating habits! If you want to learn about "Paleo-ish", one place to start is here.