Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shawl Together Now - Episode 56

Listen here.
Latte: Ben is still knitting Daybreak and the Java socks. Abby is still knitting the Intrepid Traveller socks, the Strata-Sphere sweater, Lisianthus shawl and a pair of original socks.
Grande: Ben blocks his shawl, and we walk you through it, in great detail!
Bitter Cup: Ben's first try at a bow tie didn't turn out exactly as he'd hoped. He's ready to try again.
Chai: We knit on the subway; nobody noticed. Then we visited the Lion Brand Studio, where we got to test knit cashmere and other exotic yarns that are available only at the Lion Brand Studio or online. We then went to the Kinokuniya Bookstore, where we lost ourselves in the knitting, sewing and fashion books and periodicals. You can find more information about Japanese knitting stitches here.

Closeup of Ben's Bitterroot Shawl on the blocking boards.


  1. Hi Abby and Ben,

    I wanted to thank you for visiting the Lion Brand Yarn Studio! I'm so glad to hear how much you both enjoyed the Sampling Wall and the LB Collection luxury fibers. Hopefully we'll see you again next time you visit NYC!

    -Christina from Lion Brand

  2. The audio tour of shawl-blocking was wonderful...anyone who has blocked a shawl could "see" exactly what was going on (and I think we're all waiting for pictures of the final magic).

    I'm so pleased to hear about your good experience at the Sampling Wall. I have been very tempted to try the cashmere and the merino, but still trying to "knit out of my stash" as much as I can. But let me say that I knit a lovely worsted weight shawl, Shaelyn, out of the Superwash Mernio Cashmere that IS available in the "box stores." It was just delightful to work with and I was delighted with the results. I was even MORE delighted when I took it to Camp KIP last year and my fellow campers wanted to pet it--no one could believe it was Lion Brand!

    I've made one He Said set out of that yarn and another one is in my queue for holiday knitting. I also have two other colorways which will be running headbands and mitts for my two SILs; warm, yummy soft and no pilling, my favorite recipe.