Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mystery, Surprise and Suspense! - Episode 62

Listen here.

Opening: Ben is drinking Teavana's Matevana
Latte: Ben is near the end of his Classic World War II Watch Cap, shaping the crown as the show goes on. Abby is knitting Jorid Linvik's Cat Mittens and a top secret project. She's finally finishing her Cassidy in time for Rhinebeck.
Grande: Ben finished Daybreak, but hasn't blocked it yet. Abby talks about putting shawls in outfits. She's done with the Anemoi mittens, but had some blocking difficulties. She also finished knitting flowers for Miss Kalendar's wedding.

Brewing: Ben is planning a bulky cardigan. Abby contemplates spoilers and knitting.
Chai: Abby spent a day with a listener from the UK, and visited the farmer's market.
Demi Tasse: Ben sorts his stash.
Cup of Joe to Go: Abby shares stories from her knitting group at Joe: The Art of Coffee, and some pictures of swatches dyed with cake decorating colors. Ben and Nichs spot the Snapdragon Tam in the wild.

Announcements: The next two shows may be slightly delayed due to knitting-related travel. Abby will be at both days of Rhinebeck. Abby and Ben have founded a group to knit socks and hats for the demonstrators occupying Wall Street.

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