Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Halloween -- and Episode 13!

Listen here!

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Ghoul-latte: Ben is working on a vest of his own design. He's almost finished and is employing a "partial steek" technique. Abby's is making great progress on both the Tree of Life socks and the Knitmore KAL CeCe.

Chai-Day the 13th: Abby tells a spooky story about her failed attempts to felt (full) a knitted project.

Tip Jar: Abby recommends getting a tape measure and using it! Ben extols the joys and benefits of spit splicing.

Brewing: Ben wants to knit a tie. Abby dissuaded him from lining it. Abby's working on a new sock pattern (it's a secret!).

Stir: Ben is checking his mailbox for his Jenkins Turkish Delight and we hope for a spinning section from him soon. Abby's still spinning the superwash merino from Becoming Art.

Taste: Ben was amazed and thrilled when he finally watched The Nightmare Before Christmas, and both Ben and Abby love Tim Burton's films!

Extra: Dalya crocheted a Pikachu hat for Halloween! Check it out:
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