Monday, December 6, 2010

Killer Scarves! Episode 19 (with notes from Episode 18 too!)

Abby's "Firefly" hand spun. It bloomed beautifully!
Listen here!

Lethal knitting? Abby is compared to the murderous Madame Defarge, and relates the tale of Isadora Duncan's "death by scarf" as she speaks of her love for all things Cowl.

Latte: Ben is making a Brambles hat and preparing to make the "Weasley" sweater. Abby is knitting BFF socks, Maia, Tree of Life Socks and Coventry.

Grande: Ben finished the "It Looks Like Rain" sweater and Abby finished the Greenfield Cardigan!

We had a special guest, Deborah. Deborah is an intern at Vogue Knitting, and she is a busy student and yarn evangelist! You can find her blog here. Deborah is teaching people to knit and collecting hats for the needy. She hopes to distribute them at this year's Midnight Run. If you want to knit for charity, you can find a wonderful list of organizations here.

Tip Jar: Ben and Abby both like their wandas, and you can get one here! They also are both fans of KnitPicks Options Needles.

Taste: We reviewed Cookie A's new book, "Knit. Sock. Love."


  1. Yes! I watched that movie and I pictured that as soon as you mentioned Isadora Duncan! :-D

    Weird thing - I occasionally have problems listening to the episodes directly off the blog post but I just accessed it from my Google Reader and got it right away this time. Go figure.

    I am now inspired to start working on my sweaters again after Christmas. 5 sweaters sounds like an enormous quantity but I'm going to shoot for a couple for myself (in addition to all the smaller things I knit for my family).

    I think the Brambles hat may be in my future also since I'm on a big slouch hat kick for my girls.

    I enjoyed yet another episode - keep up the good work!


  2. I am amused to hear your thoughts on long tail cast ons for top down socks- I only do top down and have made about 50 prs of socks - I think 47 of those have been long tail cast ons and I have NEVER had a cuff that was to small or tight-
    Love the podcast- great fun- keep up the good work.

  3. Five sweaters in nineteen weeks? That's an incredible feat! Congratulations, and hope you enjoy wearing them. They are all beautiful. Must become more of a project knitter...Coventry is gorgeous! Doesn't look like social knitting, though. Keep us posted on your progress. Love the podcast!

  4. I enjoy listening to your podcasts at the gym. You seemed put out that patterns in cookie a's book had been previously published elsewhere, even though this fact was written about by those who previewed the book. I think it would have been helpful to point out that those patterns were rewritten to include extra sizing. Anyone who has knitted cookie's socks knows that they don't generally have a lot of ease and sizing is critical. I think that math challenged people would be thrilled to have these patterns reworked. It was one of the main reasons I bought the book. Keep up the great work & enjoy your vacation!

  5. I must respond to some of the comments!
    1. I think I was wrong about long tail cast on. Color me embarrassed. I will make a full confession on the podcast.
    2. I LOVE Cookie A's new book and the additional information in it, not to mention the gorgeous photography make it a must-have for me. Still, I did not know in advance that most of the patterns were previously published. People on a budget might not want to buy the same pattern twice.

    3. As for sizing, I have made three of Cookie A's patterns so far and all but one were too big for me, so I definitely appreciate the multiple sizes!

    Thank you all for your comments.