Wednesday, December 12, 2012

102 Don't Know What I Was Thinking

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Listeners: How have you found ways to make apparently wasted time and/or energy useful?

Bitter Cup: Abby started some socks for Ben a year ago that have been languishing. They are going to be frogged and turned into Smartphone Friendly Mitts by Dieuwke van Mulligan

Abby missed a raglan increase in her Bright and Sunny sweater and rather than fake it, she plans to frog back a very long way to the mistake, correcting a bad skein change in the process. We made a passing reference to Stumbling on Happiness as Abby tries to make the best of everything. Ben and Abby both reiterated their enjoyment of the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast. Ben also referenced an NPR piece called You Can't Possibly Read It All, So Stop Trying

Brewing: We talk about low-cost and no-budget holiday gift giving. 

Bite: Ben would like suggestions about what he can knit from lightweight cotton yarn in many colors. Ideas?

Chai: Our friend Mary enabled us into Zachary's Pizza, a Berkeley tradition, and very wonderful! Not so wonderful was an influx of ants who tried to get out of the rain by invading Abby's apartment. Mary said that cinnamon is an ant deterrent. Anyone know about this?

Stir: Ben needs some hands-on spinning help to get him hooked. Abby finished the San Francisco Nights sock yarn and she is very happy with it! She started another 3 ply sock yarn from the color way Touch Me. Both San Francisco Nights and Touch Me are from Crown Mountain Farms. Abby is also spinning some woolen yarn from Lucy, a Merino-Corriedale fleece on her Matchless, which is newly cleaned and shined with Wood Beams. 

Sofa: We talk about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and what makes for a classic TV series. Ben says Buffy is the "Great Unifier". 


  1. cotton iphone cosies

    this little sweater for iphone is fun

    or this apple for your iphone

  2. Ground red pepper is also an ant deterrent. They won't cross the line they say. They don't like it.