Friday, December 21, 2012

103 - Knitting is Yours!

David Byrne in Stop Making Sense  the "Big Suit"

Latte: Ben is back to knitting the Java socks, and he says that his solution to "second sock syndrome" is to take a long break between knitting the first and second socks. Abby, after much thought, decided to frog back her Bright and Sunny Cardigan to correct the mistake in the raglan increases as well as the "unhappy" skein join. Abby is enamored of the tubular cast on she used on Ben's Smartphone Mitts. She used the technique explained in Lucy Neatby's Cool Socks, Warm Feet. Abby likes wearing fingerless mitts for the Berkeley climate, and she's going to knit the Brickletown Mitts by Elizabeth Doherty.  

Bite: Abby wants to know whether any listeners can direct her to a Mac app (preferably free) for creating a genogram. If you know, please get in touch! Ben suggested Abby check out the website 

Sofa: Ben is reading David Byrne's How Music Works. We discuss creativity, Talking Heads, Stop Making Sense and the connection between music and fiber! If you don't know Talking Heads, we recommend you start with Fear of Music. Note: Many scenes from Stop Making Sense are available on YouTube, but we highly recommend watching the entire movie start to finish because it is so beautifully directed.

We invite listeners to join us in a to-be-scheduled hangout where we design knitting to represent music. Are you game?

And finally, we ask: what makes knitting a fulfilling experience for you?