Tuesday, December 25, 2012

104 - Magically Thinking

Listen here.

Latte: Ben is working on the Java socks, and is almost done! Abby hasn't cast on anything new this week. She did have to restart Ben's Smartphone Mitts because somehow her gauge got off. 
She is also suffering from a bit of PYD, "Precious Yarn Disorder" that prevented her from starting the Brickletown Mitts from her handspun. She will get out her McMorran balance and see if she has enough San Francisco Nights hand spun to make both socks and mitts. 

Brewing: We talk about design, of course. Ben offers advice and Abby commits to sketching a sweater design by next week. Abby referred to Cookie A's book Knit Sock Love for an example of the way different design ideas can be shown on a flat "exploded" view of a sock. We take a slight detour and mention the now-infamous "Ikea Monkey". Abby also mentioned Jean Frost's method of doing a "practice knit jacket" with sweatshirt fabric. 

Menu: Abby made Vegetarian Borscht from Barbara Kafka's Soup, a Way of Life. She managed to spread the work out over three days and thus the experience was relatively stress-free. The borscht was fabulous!

Sofa: Ben delves further into the music/knitting connection. 

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