Friday, November 30, 2012

101 - Tinking About Creativity

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Grande: Abby finished knitting Marin from her handspun Shadow on the Wall from Crown Mountain Farms. It is rather small and Abby hopes it will "grow" when she blocks it.
Brewing: Ben contemplates the waffle stitch yet again. Abby and Ben discuss limitations and how limitation and structure can foster creativity. Abby wonders how and why Paula (of Knitting Pipeline Podcast) knits without reading a pattern through before beginning. Abby doesn't think she could knit successfully without checking the "road map" of the pattern before starting out. Abby is casting on  Brenda Petipa's Tribute socks, which is a reinterpretation of the Frost Flowers shawl stitch pattern. Abby enjoys knitting socks in a solid color yarn, and is using Hazel Knits Artisan Sock in Beachglass. 
Bitter Cup: First, a tip from our friend Mary (Twistle): When Mary puts a project aside due to a problem, she "undoes" the problem before setting the project aside, and makes note of where she is in the project. This helps her avoid discovering projects that are in process and in a dysfunctional state. Ben's Bitter Cup is amusing: he began sock two of his toe-up Vinland socks and managed to knit cable patterns on both the top and the sole of the foot. Ouch! He frogged and is back on track now. Abby is not happy with her Transitions yarn socks. The way the yarn changes colors has proven very displeasing to her in the socks she's knitting, so to the Frog Pond they will go. A second Epic Fail was attempting to make the Rippling Ribs vest from some hand spun BFL from two years ago. The yarn made some very unhappy swatches so that project is - so far - a "no go". 
Menu: Ben and friends made a Pre-Thanksgiving dinner, notable for Ben's introduction to roasting chicken (after being a vegetarian for more than half his life). Abby played with her slow cooker for Thanksgiving and Ben's friend Henry made Maple Sugar Pie which sounds amazing! 
Wired: Abby discovered from listeners Puffygriffinclaw and Memphisholli that the Roku Box can be used to watch video podcasts (and listen to audio podcasts as well). To do this, you have to add a Private Channel to your Roku channels via your account in your browser.  

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