Saturday, November 3, 2012

98 Sock Irony

Listen here.
Latte: Abby started another pair of socks! They are Danube by Janel Laidman. She's using Gypsy Girl Transitions yarn she bought at Rhinebeck last year.
Stir: Abby fixed her Matchless, with lots of help from Schacht.
Brewing: Ben is working on a new design and creating a new kind of interactive pattern; Abby ponders knitting for other people.
Wired: We both love Pandora. Abby thought the SNL Bruno Mars Pandora sketch was pretty funny.
Announcements: Would you like to help the victims of Superstorm Sandy? Head over to Maria's (Subway Knits) and join her fundraiser incentive; there are many knitting prizes to be won, and you will be doing some good for the charity of your choice.

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  1. when it comes to knitting for other people, I do it because creating and given gifts to people is my love language. and sometimes this gets frustrating because I want to knit for my family members but they are not convinced that they want something that is hand knit. In fact I was so excited to see Ben's sweater in knitty because it looked like something my brother would wear. when I showed it to him he agreed and I will be making it for him, I hope to have it done by sept. 29 2013 for his birthday but if it doesn't get done it's all good. but it is something that i am so excited about because when I make it for him it is my way of say brother I love you so much! Which is part of the reason I learned to knit in the first place.