Monday, October 29, 2012

97 Barista's Back!

Ben as a lion, age three.
Listen here.
Latte: Abby finished Provence by Janel Laidman. She was somewhat disappointed with Tosh Sock, and plans to generally avoid knitting socks with 2-ply yarn in the future. In The Intentional Spinner, Judith Mackenzie says that a perfect sock yarn should have three or more plies.
Stir: Abby is spinning and also has found her SPAKAL yarn!
Brewing: Ben has completed his Excel Tool for a basic beginner's hat. If you are feeling brave, please become a Beta Tester. You can download it here and give it a try! 
Abby has thought long and hard about which sweater to knit for the Knitmore Girls' SPAKAL. She's decided on Dark and Stormy, but it's renamed Bright and Sunshiny because the orange yarn is so cheerful. Abby used her McMorran balance to determine how much yardage she has of the hand spun yarn. 
Donuts KAL: Abby's decided to make hers a steeled cardigan with zipper. She's excited about this choice!
Flavor of the Day: Ben is excited about JC Penney, Target and the new Uniqlo online store, all for menswear. Abby talks about Project Runway and then takes Ben back to his memories of home made costumes in his childhood.
Sofa: Ben likes Tame Impala's new album Lonerism. Check out the track Elephant here.

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