Saturday, October 13, 2012

95 - Out of the Doldrums

Abby's Marin, from handspun
Listen here.

Brewing: Ben rails against the scarf as a first knitting project. Abby is almost finished with the Java Socks at last! Ben is going to try knitting sweaters at home to get his mojo back.

Stir: Abby's Matchless has suffered a bit from the cross country move, but Schacht is, as always, providing great customer service.

Chai: Abby visited the Berkeley Rose Garden and recommends it to everyone. Go there! Now!
Abby is working her way through the 41 Walking Tours of Berkeley book.

Sofa: Ben recently re-watched Bladerunner. Abby and Ben both love this movie and recommend it. Ben has also been enjoying Curb Your Enthusiasm which, we agree, you will either love or hate. Ben also mentioned Archer and Arrested Development. Abby is watching Call the Midwife and finds it very compelling. Ben once again recommends Louie.

Wired: Ben is experimenting with new high tech ways of playing music, and he has created a "drum kit" from an old Rock Band video game control kit, using a program called, appropriately, Drum Machine. This is a great example of repurposing things, and we can apply this to knitting! Abby read that "first person shooter" games are good for the brain, especially for older people. The article recommended Call of Duty but Ben recommends Team Fortress Two.

GET CREATIVE! Please join us for a google+ hangout on Sunday, October 14 from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm Pacific Time. We will be creative together for one hour. Just pick something you want to work on and show up! 

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  1. I think that a triangle shawl would be a good first project, you'd learn knit, purl, yarn over increases, casting on, and binding off.
    Also, I like the show Archer--I like just about anything with Jon Benjamin. Speaking of that, has anyone seen Bob's Burger? Funny show. ;)
    Oh! And, yes, Ben cast on a sweater! :D LOL.