Sunday, October 7, 2012

94 - We Schedule Inspiration

Announcements: We are going to do a Knitalong for Ben's Donuts Hoodie pattern. Abby is going to do modifications to fit a curvy shape.To do the modifications, Abby is going to refer to the Big Girl Knits books as well as Little Red in the City. Ben will make himself very available to help everyone who participates in the Knitalong if questions arise. 
Brewing: Abby will begin her modifications by sketching options for adding shaping and redistributing the stripes. If you want to sketch your designs, try tracing them over a croquis. You can find a variety of croquis here. Ben experienced designing during a Speed Writing event, and we are going to set up a Google+ Hangout for anyone who wants to spend some concentrated time designing or working through a problem.
Abby is racing to finish the Java Socks before Ben does. She also learned that leaving a project idle for too long can result in "pattern amnesia". Better to read it all through before trying to pick up where you left off.
Sofa: We talk about the music and especially the video Putty Boy Strut by Flying Lotus. Abby marathon watched Season 3 of Covert Affairs. Ben is re-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Abby enjoyed the most recent episode of Project Runway when the designers made baby clothes.
Wired: Abby had a bumpy upgrade on her iPhone to iOS 6 leading to a new phone (thank you AppleCare.) Ben has also upgraded to Jelly Bean (Android) and he is enjoying having his phone tell him what to do via an app called Google Now. Ben says that design interfaces are moving away from the brushed metal look and towards simple Tron-like interfaces. Ben thinks that Google Now is anticipating what Google Glass will do. Ben also is excited about the computer version of an old video game, Jet Set Radio. We talk about how learning skills keeps any "hobby" interesting. We do bring this back to knitting!

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