Thursday, November 5, 2015

148 Going Crazy!

Abby & Melissa are drinking Blue Lotus Chai in today’s podcast.


Melissa is still working on the Batwing Poncho from Morehouse Knitting, and a Basketweave blanket that she has been working on FOREVER for her nephew. Due to life events there has been very little progress on those items.

Abby has made significant progress on her Hitofude Cardigan sweater. The sleeves have been completed and now she is working on the back. This is the only project she has been working on.

Bitter Cup

Abby got off by a stitch in the ribbing of her sweater, and she lost a stitch at the edge. She fixed the problem in the ribbing and has figured out how to fix problems at the edge of the project. Melissa suggested lifelines and we discussed when and how we use lifelines. Melissa has been just carrying her knitting around and not knitting due to numerous life issues.


Abby wants to start a pair of self striping socks.

Melissa has been looking at Knitted Knockers and chicken sweaters

Abby mentioned the Murano Hotel in Tacoma where they have the Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat

Abby is starting a book review of Deborah Newton’s Good Measure. This book is about getting a perfect fit. But she is still really focused on making her own clothing with the Alabama Chainin patterns /studio-books. And in order to do that she needed natural cotton jersey. Since the Alabama Chainin jersey was very expensive Abby decided to dye her own. And that was an adventure. It turned out beautifully though. Afterwards she went out and bought additional fabric. She will use the fabric she dyed for her first garments. The fourth Alabama Chainin book contains a CD that contains ALL of their patterns.


Abby is behind on Doctor Who, Empire, and Gotham. Melissa’s costume for Halloween was Ms. Kringle from Gotham. Project Runway got a long discussion since the finale is coming up. Abby and Melissa are both excited by who is going to the finale. Fun and gorey series are also happening like Scream Queens and Ash vs Evil Dead Regular series like Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder are suggested as great for knitting because they rely heavily on dialogue. And The Walking Dead is still great despite being in its sixth season.

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