Monday, October 12, 2015

147 Gnomes, Bunnies and Tribbles

Latte: Melissa is working on the Morehouse Farm's Batwing Poncho and the blanket that she is knitting for her nephew. Abby is making the Gecko Scarf, also from from Morehouse Farm. She’s making it out of Cascade 220, on Lantern Moon mahogany dpns. Abby mentions that she got three scarf kits from Morehouse Farm: the alligator, Cat/critter, and frog. She’s also STILL working on the first part of Hitofude, but closing in on at least that part. Grande: Melissa finished a totally cute pink miniature Cthulu. Abby finished, as promised, a Mochimochi Gnome from a pattern by Anna Hrachovec. She used the help of a Wanda to get the arms through the body. We mention Huge and Huggable Mochimochi also by Anna Hrachovec. Bitter Cup: Melissa has found that the Batwing poncho will not exactly fit her, but thankfully, there are nieces who can enjoy it. Chai: We went to Rose City ComicCon, where we saw Nichelle Nichols and Walter Koenig from Start Trek TOS. Some of our favorite artists were: Fanboy Museum, Pixelosis, Caged Fairy, and many others. We saw incredible Lego creations by the Portland Lego Users Group. Some great comics we discovered were: Marbles by Ellen Forney, Devil’s Panties, Oh Hell, The Comic Critic and Krampus. Geek Chic tables are beautiful and to be lusted after. We also attended the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival. Melissa tried spinning on a Jenkins Turkish Spindle and on the Hansen Mini-Spinner. Jody MacDougall makes fantastic glass buttons. We both bought Felted Possum Yarn from Fly Designs. We fell in love with the angora bunnies. Dave Yocom makes truly beautiful turned wooden yarn bowls. Brewing: Sewing obsessions! Authentic Star Trek patterns. Melissa talks about a Victorian/Star Trek mashup. Abby has become obsessed with Alabama Chanin sewing and wants to make a whole new wardrobe of hand sewn clothing. Rachel Herron recently made an Alabama Chanin dress for herself and it is stunning. Sofa: We talk about TV, especially Documentary Now!, Drunk History and Scream Queens. We’re looking forward to Supergirl and the new season of The Walking Dead. Edibles: We talk about what it’s like to live in Oregon now that weed is legal.

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