Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Episode 149 - We Squee

Melissa and Abby are drinking Blue Lotus Chai

Melissa is still working on the endless ombre basket weave blanket for her nephew and the Moorehouse Farm’s Batwing Poncho.

Abby is working on a pair of self striping socks with yarn from Fab Funky Fibres, found on Etsy. She is using carbon circular needles by Knitter’s Pride that she bought at Black Sheep.

Abby spent most of her time between podcasts on working on her Alabama Chainin a-line dress Abby used Oregon Blueprint to print her patterns.  Dressmakers tools and supplies can be found at Nancy’s Notions and Gold Star Tools. Abby also made an Alabama Chainin stencil called Anna’s Garden

Bitter Cup & Brewing 
Melissa is making the Batwing Poncho into a sweater by adding a tube top to the poncho, Perhaps using her Silver Reed 840 standard gauge knitting machine.  She is also going to ORYCON the Oregon Science Fiction Convention later in November and is looking to pull together a quick costume.

Abby reviewed Good Measure, knit a perfect fit every time by Deborah Newton sent to us by the lovely people at Sixth and Spring

Melissa brought The Night Before Christmas in Crochet: The Complete Poem

Abby went through Nicky Epstein’s Enchanted Knits for Dolls sent to us again by the wonderful people at Sixth and Spring.

Abby discussed Mother Plays with Dolls  by Elinor Peace Bailey

We discussed
Into the Badlands on AMC
Doctor Who
Brooklyn nine nine
The Big Bang Theory 

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Happy Thanksgiving & play a lot of games!

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