Monday, May 27, 2013

120 Spin Cycle

3 Ply sock yarn from Crown Mountain Farms "Touch Me"

Listen here.
Latte: I am trying to finish the Clapotis, from Creatively Dyed Yarn. I'm still working on the Vanessa Antiopia socks and the Dressy socks, for which I learned the purled long tail cast on. 

Grande: I made a quick preemie hat from leftover sock yarn. I cast on 64 stitches, knit some ribbing, and then added the "Long Swinging Cable (page 90)  pattern from Barbara G. Walker's Charted Knitting Designs: a Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns. I also blocked Catkin and am loving it. 
Impromptu Preemie Hat
Stir: Lots of spinning this week! I finished a three-ply sock yarn from Crown Mountain Farms super wash merino in the color Touch Me. I also attended Spinning at the Winery at the Retzlaff Winery in Livermore, CA. There, I saw lots of friends, made some new ones. I also purchased my first supported spindle, by KCL Woods. Thanks to Miss Kalendar for showing me her supported spindle, and to Deebz for giving me a quick lesson. Playing around with this new spindle reminds me how much I enjoy spindle spinning. Bonus! You can see Deebz demonstrating Lever Knitting here

Brewing: I am "suffering" from Startitis and it seems to be my nature to have "too many" projects on the needles. I'm mostly being drawn to shawls, and I'm trying to choose among: Derecho, Faberge, Calliope's Odyssey, Carson, Taygete, Zephyr Cove, Rockefeller and Dreambird. I might cast on several!

I'm also thinking about sweaters, especially Lilium, Floriston, Brynna, Twigs & Willows, Buds and Blooms and the Askew Cardigan

Bite: Since I will soon be leaving the Bay Area, I want to spend a few days exploring San Francisco. Where do you think I should go? What are the "don't miss" places and things to see?

Sofa: Arrested Development. Season Four has arrived on Netflix. Do yourself a favor and if you aren't a fan, watch it from the beginning!

Wired: I talk about three apps: Springpad, Swiss Army Knife and Google Now. Are you using Google Now? If so, how do you like it?

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