Wednesday, June 5, 2013

120a - Shrugs, Dishcloths and Courage

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We once again welcome Guest Barista Susan, formerly of the Knitajourney Podcast

Latte: Susan is making shrugs and dishcloths; Abby started Romi Hill's Asterope and is making a Star Trek: The Next Generation sweater for Miss Kalendar's baby.

Grande: Susan finished a shrug from Berroco Floret, a yarn that is new to her, and unknown to Abby. 

Bitter Cup: Susan's planned argyle knee socks for her husband are in time out, but while she thinks about them, she's decided to knit the legs flat rather than in the round. Susan also related a sewing bitter cup about a marathon fabric cutting session that resulted in pieces that really didn't make the garments they were meant to make. 

Brewing: Abby feels like she is very skilled at matching yarn to a sock pattern she wants to knit, but she has some hand spun sock yarn she wants to use and finds it's harder to match a pattern to yarn than the other way around. What to do? Susan suggests a short, lacy leg. Abby thinks she might knit another pair of Brenda Petipa's Uptown Girl socks, or perhaps she'll design something simple. On the subject of knitting with hand spun, Abby mentioned Miriam Felton's Twist and Knit collection of patterns that can be knit for as long as your hand spun lasts in each project. 

We segued into a brief conversation about packing and decision fatigue. You can read more about decision fatigue here and here.

Sofa: Susan has discovered the YA (Young Adult) books of Kate Seredy and recommends them, especially The Good Master. Abby mentioned Norman Juster's The Phantom Toll Booth for anyone who loves language. Susan also sings the praises of Edie Eckman's crocheting books. Abby is not enjoying the last two seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer but will persevere to the end. Susan recommends the show Saving Grace with Holly Hunter. 

Tip Jar: Before giving her tip, Susan embarrasses Abby. Susan's tip is to take advantage of the wonderful places to go that are local to you. 

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