Thursday, May 9, 2013

117 Allicopitatase

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Latte: I'm working on the Clapotis and I'm getting ready to cast on a pair of Dressy socks out of Bumblebirch Grove yarn in the color way Mineral. This is yarn I acquired recently in Portland where it is hand-dyed. I'm planning to get back to work on several sweaters, especially my hand spun SPAKAL sweater. I was re-inspired for all things spinning by the latest Spin Doctor podcast. I'm especially excited about knitting with my handspun. 

Bitter Cup: I had a mishap while knitting the Twisted Flower Socks. I would like to be better able to read my lace knitting!

Grande: I did, however, finish the Twisted Flower Socks, by Cookie A. This is my second time knitting this pattern and it was a real pleasure. 

Brewing: I have been musing about reading books in general and knitting books in particular. This week, I'm re-reading Clara Parkes's Knitter's Book of Socks. I also mentioned her Knitter's Book of Wool  and Knitter's Book of Yarn. How is reading a knitting book like and different from reading a novel, non-fiction book, textbook or cookbook? While discussing this, I mention the book The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. 

I also have been thinking about creativity that is stimulated by various types of contstraints. I'm wondering how to limit something about my knitting with out "punishing myself". In other words, I'm not swearing off buying yarn or anything like that. I'm not sure where this is going, but it might end up having something to do with spinning. 

I also thought about my yarn buying habits: the good: sock yarn, the bad: buying a sweater's worth for of yarn with no particular sweater pattern in mind, and the ugly. Actually, I don't have any ugly yarn. 

Taste: A Tasting Menu this week, with reviews of Knitting Pattern Essentials by Sally Melville, Knit Your Own Moustache by Vicki Eames, the "Wife of Brian" and The Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet Volume II by Hunter Hammersen. 

Events: I will be at A Verb for Keeping Warm to see and hear Clara Parkes on May 15. I will be spinning at the winery and I am almost sure to be attending Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, Oregon .

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