Monday, March 18, 2013

112 - No Snark for You!

Just one small corner of the Yarn Boutique.
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This week, Abby welcomes back Guest Barista Susan, former host of Knitajourney Podcast. You can download Knitajourney episodes here.

Latte: As always, Susan's knitting comes with a story. She is working on some argyle knee-highs for her husband to wear in the Brompton International Folding Bicycle Race

Abby is working mostly on Catkin and Ben's texting mitts.

Grande: Susan made a Retirement Shawl for a colleague. We talk a bit about what makes someone "knit worthy". 

Brewing: Abby is frustrated at this point in her "lever knitting project". She's going to persevere, however, and see what happens. 

Susan has a yellow cardigan brewing, but also feels bitten by the sock bug and the glove bug. She is especially taken with Julia Mueller's gloves, and Abby concurs. Susan is aiming for 100 pairs of socks and gloves, and some of these will be made from hand spun. 
Abby confesses to an idiosyncrasy. We talk a bit about snarkiness and its shortcomings. 

Chai: Abby visited a new (to her) yarn shop - the Yarn Boutique in Lafayette. It's a fully (very fully!) stocked shop where you can dig around and find amazing treasures. Check it out when you're in the area!

Sofa: Susan talks about a book called Girls Like Us  about the exploitation of young American girls by pimps and other criminals. You can find more information here, here and here. Abby talks about Project Runway and her feelings about this season's "Team" theme. We talk about snarkiness some more. In passing, we mention Luther, Chopped, Hell's Kitchen and The Wire

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  1. With regards with lever knitting, the woman who taught me to knit used to lodge the end of the needle into the crease between the top of her leg and her stomach. She is not the only person I've seen knit that way.