Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Imperfect - Episode 65

Listen here.

Announcements: We reveal the winners of Ben's Challenge: Stripepike's Hot Pink Orchid Thief and ExecutiveKnitter's Leopard Slippers.
Latte: Ben is still knitting the magenta earflap hat. Abby is still working on the Cat Mittens. She talks about twined knitting on the Klieo shawl.
Bitter Cup: Ben accidentally donated yarn he needed. Abby bought less and more yarn than she needed for Strata Sphere, and made some mistakes on the Cat Mittens.
Brewing: Ben wants to knit a Guy Fawkes Mask with a three-dimensional mustache, inspired by the Move Your Money march. Abby contemplates stitch definition and even knitting.
Taste: Abby reviews The Knitter's Life List by Gwen Steege.
Caffeinated: Abby is excited about Project Accessory. Ben recommends The Smiths' remastered collection Complete.
The Tip Jar: Ben suggests organizing your yarn and subdividing your stash. Abby reminds you to buy extra yarn in proportion to your project.

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