Saturday, November 26, 2011

Episode 67 - Scratch That

Latte: Ben's working on Dragon Slayer Earflap Hat.
Abby mentions Wooly Wormhead's Going Straight
Ben is going to make Viking Hats.
Abby finished the knitting on Strata Sphere and has to block it

Abby is planning to swatch for the Rocky Coast Cardigan from the Coastal Knits book
We talk about Quince and Company yarns
Grande: Ben finished the Dragon earflap hat
Bitter Cup: Abby messed up the Dahlia sweater and is tinkling an inordinate number of stitches and rows.
Take a Bite: We talk about shawl shapes. Abby mentions "More than Circular" from Shawls and Scarves.
Ben talks about the advantages of seamless sweaters, and we talk about sock ribbing.
We talk about the Old Norwegian cast on. We have posted a video that demonstrates how to do this versatile and stretch cast on.
Taste: Abby reviews Knit Noro Accessories
Caffeinated: Ben's excited about the new album from White Denim. Abby's excited about cooking from scratch. Most recently, she made a fantastic soup from the book The Daily Soup Cookbook.


  1. I heard about your podcast on the Knitmore Girls, but I haven't been able to successfully add your feed (for Android, using Doggcatcher). Any tips? Thanks!

  2. Ben and Abby,
    Your podcast is really nice. I just recently started listening. I didn't realize that you could podcast over Skype. I might want to try that. Have you ever discussed what software you use? Id love to become a cool knitting podcaster someday. Until then...I'll enjoy listening to you guys! Thanks again for the cool podcast.

  3. Bonnie, I will have to figure out Doggcatcher. In the meantime, you can listen through the links on the right side of this show notes page.

  4. I looked into Doggcatcher. Unlike iTunes, it isn't free to post our podcast there, so it will have to wait until we have greater cash flow. In the meantime, try the link here, on revelry or get iTunes. Glad you are listening!