Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Knitting Funk - Episode 59

Listen here.

Latte: Ben is working on the same projects as last time, and so is Abby(!!!)
Brewing: Ben's designing a sweater vest. He wants to shape it, unlike much men's wear.
Bitter Cup: Abby is in a funk. Nothing in her knitting is making her happy. She's decided to begin the Knitting Guild Association's Master Handknitter  Program, Level II. If yo'd like to join her, or start Level 1 (or 3), click here.
Chai: Abby taught knitting at the TNNA booth at this year's Maker Faire. If you live near a Maker Faire, don't miss it!
Don't forget Ben's Challenge! Make something unexpected out of unloved yarn, post a photo on Ravelry to enter the challenge.
Check out some cool new podcasts: 2KnitLitChicks and Geek Girls Crafts!

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