Thursday, September 29, 2011

60 - We Find Bargains

Listen here.

Latte: Abby is back on track with Strata Sphere. She discovered the secret with a simple project: counting. She's continuing to work on My Heart Beets 4U socks, and has started the Anemoi mittens again with very different yarns (see above). Ben is making great progress with his Daybreak, and continues to work on the Java socks. He thinks that the beginning of classes next week will give him great knitting opportunities.
Brewing: We discuss planning a wardrobe and designing a line. Abby mentioned the use of a croquis as a tool for sketching. You can download your own croquis "families" here and here. The croquis is placed under tracing paper, you draw your garment, then add the parts of the body which would be showing (i.e. head, arms/hands, legs, etc.)
Taste: Abby reviewed 60 Quick Baby Knits. She recommends knitting as a great way to try out new techniques or perfect those you feel need work. She added  that if you don't have a baby to knit for, there are many ways to knit for charity. You can find charity knitting lists here and here. The second link organizes charities geographically by state (sorry US only).
Chai: Ben had a very productive day at the Seattle Public Library Book Sale which is held twice a year in an airplane hangar in Warren G. Magnuson Park. His haul included the Moosewood Cookbook, as well as the original Stitch 'n' Bitch, Romantic Hand Knits, Knitting on Top of the World and Indigo Knits.
Abby found her bargains on the Lower East Side of Manhattan where she scored two leather jackets, one for her and one for Dalya, but advises you that you MUST haggle to get the best price.
Tip Jar: Ben suggests that different fibers really do behave differently: use it to your advantage. Abby shared a tip from Cat Bordhi: buy a small straight edged mirror to hold up to swatches, samples and swatch photographs to double your view.

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