Monday, May 2, 2011

In the Park and In the Woods - Episode 39

Madison Square Park 1867
Madison Square Park 2011
Listen here.

Latte: Ben continues to work on the Paraphernalia socks. He cast on for a yarn bomb, but Abby has derailed his efforts so he will likely cast on again. The next version will have steeks, maybe even crocheted steeks! There are some great tutorials on how to do this maneuver here and here, and a video tutorial by Meghan of the Stitch It Podcast here. A few years ago, Abby knit Portrait by Norah Gaughan, which was stranded, and knit in flat pieces. It's not an experience she's anxious to repeat. Abby cast on a Daybreak and an Elektra and feels she has shawlitis/Spring startitis.
Grande: Abby finally resolved her blocking issues and Transatlantic is now truly complete.
Chai: Ben wandered around in the woods on his campus where he encountered two exciting yarn bombs. Abby had a brief study respite in Madison Square Park where once there was a hand and now there is a head. The exhibition, Volumes II opened, and Abby was excited to have people see her pieces and to hear comments about them. 
Stir: Abby started spinning the yarns for Texting Mittens. She has encountered some challenges learning to spin a merino/silk blend for the first time. 
Brewing: Stay tuned for another knit along. Details will be announced very soon.
Caffeinated: We are making plans to attend Sock Summit 2011. We hope lots of you will be there!
Bitter Cup & Tip Jar: Abby bought some yarn online from the Sanguine Gryphon, but one of the yarns showed up looking very different than it had on her monitor. This might be due to her use of the program f.lux, or perhaps she needs to calibrate her monitor.


  1. Re: Bitter Cup. Abby, Tardis blue is definitely MY color! Should Ben not want the yarn, I am here for you in your time of need! ;-D --Michele, aka BlueMoonArtistry

  2. Looking at all the pretty Daybreaks ... I am npow going to have to add one to my WIPS..
    Is it boring to knit??