Monday, March 14, 2011

I Love Lucy Episode 32

Is this your granny's afghan?

Latte: Ben continues to knit Flagstone for our Westknits KAL. Abby's knitting was bitter this week!

Grande: Ben finished some dice bags; he's not sure how many. Abby finished the Distelfink socks and feels very accomplished!

Taste: Abby sat down to watch a Lucy Neatby DVD and was transfixed. Meals went uncooked, laundry unfolded (midterms unwritten); you get the idea.

Bite: The knitting group at Ben's college wants to start a knitting library. We ask what you would put on your list of must-have knitting books. Books on our list include: Barbara G. Walker's Treasuries, Knitting in the Old Way, Knitting from the Top, everything by Elizabeth Zimmermann and Anna Zilboorg's Knitting for Anarchists.

Stir: Abby got some spinning time in and watched Abby Franquemont's DVD Drafting: The Long and the Short of It

Bitter Cup: Abby started and frogged her Transatlantic shawl three times, but is now on the right track. Her Potpourri socks suddenly looked an awful lot like an old fashioned afghan after she listened to the Knitmore Girls' review of Around the World in Knitted Socks.

Tip Jar: We described how each of use uses Excel spreadsheets to help with out knitting. We've posted our "sample" spreadsheets, Ben's for Devon and Abby's for Cassidy so you can see what we were talking about. Ben's spreadsheet is here, Abby's is here.

On a final note, Abby warned against over-zealous trimming of yarn ends. If you don't give them enough length, they will pop out on the right side of your knitting, which is not a happy sight.