Monday, March 28, 2011

The Episode with No Name - 34

It doesn't have a name because Garageband kept crashing and simply refused to save the file with a name! Either way, you can listen here.

We were joined this week by Ben's girlfriend Nichs!

Latte: Ben is still working on Flagstone, and he's fashioning a Converse sneaker inspired tag for imminent yarn bombing. Nichs is knitting a hat that leads a double life. Abby started knitting Hawthorne, and loves the feel of Mopsy yarn in her hands. She is determined to finish the Surprise Socks, and continues to work on Transatlantic and Cassidy.

Grande: Abby finished Ptarmigan and is in cashmere-loving heaven. She won't take it off, and is glad the weather is still cold.
Nichs finished a Snapdragon hat out of Malabrigo Rios.

Bitter Cup: The Surprise Socks are driving Abby crazy; they're too simple to really hold her attention, but too complex to knit on automatic pilot. Frustration reigns.

Brewing: Abby ponders the next big lace shawl project. Nichs wants to knit some chemo caps. Ben is wondering what to knit when the weather turns warm. Abby suggests lace!

Demi-Tasse: We are very excited that one of our favorite books, Sweater Design in Plain English is about to be published in a revised, second edition. Grab it!

Chai: Abby shares "New York's best kept secret" - Century 21. The store, not the real estate company! They are about to start selling online, so check it out here. Bargains are to be had!

Tip Jar: Spring is here, or will be soon. Before you put your knitwear away for the season, make sure you've washed and blocked everything first. Ben's cure for knitting ennui is to take a break and sew in all your ends. We think this is brilliant!

Non-segment: Abby reveals that she's been spending quite a lot of time on an art project in connection with an art show she's participating in that opens in April. Each participant was asked to create a piece of "book" or "book cover" art to be used in the promo poster. If you want to have a look at Abby's piece, here it is!

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