Monday, February 21, 2011

Heckled! Episode 29

Listen here.
Do you know what kind of birds these are?

I'm having technical difficulties uploading the podcast, but here are the show notes in the meantime! As soon as the episode is available, there will be a link to your right.

Latte: Ben is knitting the Norwegian Star Earflap Hat. Abby continues to work on Cassidy, Distelfink and the Derry Pullover. She is also trying hard to finish Stricken for the Spin Control KAL, but is not hopeful.

Grande: Ben finished his bias knit scarf; Abby finished Flagstone, which might just end up belonging to one of her teachers.

Chai: Ben had a whirlwind Madrona experience, and bought some lovely yarn, including: Dream in Color Starry, Angora Valley Fibers Lacewing Sock and Crown Mountain Farms sock yarn. He also met up with a bunch of friendly podcasters!

Stir: Abby is anxious to finish her yellow sock yarn so she can jump into some strange, experimental spinning, inspired by Jacey Boggs's Sit and Spin DVD.

Bitter Cup: Ben had some stranding mishaps, but Abby is disconsolate over her failed cashmere Ptarmigan. She cannot figure out why she didn't have enough yarn, and is so very, very sad.

Demi Tasse: Check out the Evolving English "Map Your Voice" website where you can hear English in its many regional flavors, and even add your own if you like.

Tip Jar: Abby rants shares her thoughts on how everyone can knit with high quality yarn. She also explains how she remembers how to do kitchener stitch without a visual or other aid. Ben refers to another grafting method from Techknitting.

Yes, we were heckled by Melanie of the Savvy Girls


  1. The birds are "Alpenschneehuhn", Lagopus mutus. Sorry, I don't know an English name for them.
    They live in the Alps in very extrem conditions. They change the color of their feathers, brown during summer, white during winter.
    Greetings from Switzerland

  2. Here we call them ptarmigan :)

  3. Tenino, WA is south of Olympia on I-5. I hear they say it "ten-NINE-oh" like 10-9-0. There are differing stories for where that came from. There's your Washington knowledge for the day. Do both of you come to Madrona next year. It's a great conference.

  4. You can get a complete pair of socks out of 218 yards?? I envy people who's feet are smaller than pontoons! Hand knit socks are a special treat for my sz 10 1/2 clodhoppers.