Monday, February 14, 2011

Brooklyn - Episode 28

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Latte: Abby continues to work on many, many projects. Ben is knitting his bias scarf and designing a Teddy Bear sweater. He's planning to knit replacement Hiking Socks but is having some difficulty finding the right yarn.

Grande: Neither of us finished anything!

Brewing: Ben and Abby are both pondering cast ons and other mysteries.

Bitter Cup: Ben's girlfriend learned the pain of stranded knitting with too-tight floats. Abby discovered that her Cassidy's fronts had been started with the wrong size needles.

Taste: We reviewed Westknits Book Two by Stephen West. We are both totally excited, once again, and you'll hear the word "clever" about 20 times. Our advice: buy it now!

Chai: Abby and Savvy Girl Melanie braved the wilds of Brooklyn and lived to tell about it. We visited Brooklyn General (although you'll have to wait to hear about it next time), La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe and One Girl Cookies -- yummy all around!

Tip Jar: Ben recommends Judy's Magic Cast On as the perfect provisional cast on. Abby found this neat yarn calculator on the Jimmy Beans Wool site. 

See you next week. Knit, knit!

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