Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stress and Inspiration Episode 25

Listen here.
Latte: Ben is working on a hat of his own devising; Abby continues with the Canopy Socks and Cassidy. She's also started Stephen West's Flagstone and Gudrun Johnston's Norie hat. An original cowl is still on the needles as well.

Grande: Ben finished the Brambles hat with an unplanned modification. Abby finished Chadwick (see photo above).

Taste: Abby reviewed The Shetland Trader. She wants to knit everything in the book (except the leg warmers).

Chai: Abby had a fabulous time at Vogue Knitting Live, as well as other events around town. She met Felicia Lo of Sweet Georgia Yarns as well as Maria from Subway Knits. At VKL, she attended a lecture by Clara Parkes and took a class with Jared Flood. More tales of VKL will follow in later podcasts.

Bite: Inspired by Clara's talk, Abby wants to know "where are your knitting dollars going?" and "do you care"? There's a thread on the ravelry board where you can respond, or simply post a comment here.

Tip Jar: Ben recommends charting your designs before knitting them. Abby shares some handy things about ease that she learned from Jared Flood.


  1. Hey Abby! I posted the picture of us in the shownotes for my Episode 4 on my blog - it was great meeting you again! ~Maria

  2. Hi Abby and Ben!!! I have my own alpacas and shear them of course....so I have lots and lots of beautiful alpaca wool. I spin some of it myself but send a lot of it to a mill to have it spun for me. So that's where a lot of my knitting dollars go. But, I also buy a fair share of yarn (sheep wool mostly) because I love wool shopping and it seems to just jump into my arms as I walk by!!! I also love knitting books and I buy them both locally and online. I really need 'nothing' but knitting/spinning is my passion and I melt when I see beautiful wool or a great book. I spoil myself!