Monday, January 3, 2011

Knitting for Knitters Episode 22

Listen here!
Lots of talk this week! 

Latte: Ben is working on Chadwick, and Abby is knitting Pogona, both by Stephen West. Ben continues to work on the "Weasley" sweater, see it in progress below.
The Weasley sweater, in progress.

Abby is also working on Passerine socks by Cookie A.

Grande: Abby finished the Snapdragon Mitts, and also Ben's birthday TARDIS socks.

Chai: Ben and Abby went to the Olympia Knitters' Group, where they met up with Rachel from the KnitCents Podcast and many other nice, friendly knitters! (See photo, top). They also attended an early-morning yarn sale at Yorkshire Yarns, and made quite a haul at 40% off!

Taste: Ben and Abby reviewed Power Cables by Lily Chin, and both gave it a thumbs up.

Bite: We ask, "Should LYS charge to help you with your project?" Please comment here or on the ravelry thread.

Demi-Tasse: Ben is very excited about a video/computer game called "Braid" which adds time as the third dimension in a side scroller platform game. You can purchase it here.

Brewing: Ben is inspired by some surprisingly soft acrylic based yarn, and Abby is going to design a top down sweater using her handspun.

Tip Jar: We revisit the idea of alternatives to the standard long-tail cast on. We've made a video of the Old Norwegian cast on, which you can watch here. We also recommend going to the zoo, a museum or other visually stimulating place for inspiration.


  1. Hey guys! As an LYS owner I wanted to tap into the charging for help.
    Although we currently do not have a sign we are seriously considering it and here is why.
    We think that what differs and LYS from and online store is A) it gives you a place to run in for emergencies B) a warm inviting "home" to mingle with other knitters C) the feel factor D)HELP!
    Now, why should a LYS charge for help? We love helping people and have no qualms whatsoever with people coming in with their quick questions. The problem is the abusers far out number the quickies.
    I know from experience LYS's have more over head than a online (furnishings, heating etc. etc) and survive on CLASSES! Profit margin isn't great on yarn and the classes are what keep LYS's in business and there for their wonderful customers.
    The abusers of the "quick question" scenario will come in and stay 4-5 hours to work on a project and BAM! We've taught them the whole thing and they don't pay for classes. Then the next time they want to do a project they don't have the knowledge or skills for its the same thing. Rather than pay for a class they purchase yarn and expect us to walk them through it. We've had people spend every afternoon with us for weeks working on projects and it's a problem that I'm sure isn't unique to our area.
    I don't know the yarn shop or the people but I'm sure they didn't put up a sign to be rude or unwelcoming but if an LYS is going to survive they have to do what they have to do!
    I know this has been lengthy and for that I do apologize, I was just so shocked to hear that you said that and relieved as well that we aren't the only ones!

  2. This has been a lively topic on our Ravelry group as well. Opinions vary wildly and widely. It seems to me that charging to help a customer is the result of people abusing the free help that LYS so frequently provide. It makes me sad to think that knitters would be this insensitive and, well, abusive. Obviously, you are not in business to "help", but to sell yarn, and possibly to teach (for a price). That said, if customers don't abuse their LYS owners, they can probably get their questions answered gratis.