Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Episode 151 The Orange Sweater Curse!

Abby is drinking peppermint bark tea and Melissa is drinking Cardamon Cinnamon from the Republic on Tea 
Twist Cardigan

Melissa is working on the District 12 Cowl Wrap in crochet. Using an N hook 
She is also working on the Full Circle Cowl from 60 Quick Cowls 
Abby discussed gauge.
Abby is working on the Twist cardigan by Bonne Marie Burns of ChicKnits. She received a gift card for Quince and Company from Elizabeth Doherty that she used to purchase the yarn.  She is using the channel island cast on.
She is working on another Brickless by Martina Behm. Abby is using a Yowza What a Skein from Miss Babs 

Giostra Hat
Melissa finished the basket-weave blanket that she has been working on and off for six months. She suggested getting pet hair out by using Sticky Sheets.  She also finished the Giostra Hat by Woolly Wormhead. For that she used Knitted Wit PDX Carpet in worsted weight
Basket-weave Blanket
Brickless one + in progress

Rainbow Socks
Abby finished the Fab Funky Fibres Rainbow Socks. And she has sworn off the afterthought heel. Finally the orange sweater curse has been broken by completing and liking the Hitofude sweater. She is also still working on the double knit scarf.
Hitofude Sweater

Bitter Cup
Melissa didn’t have the materials need to start several projects. Abby describes her hand made item’s run in with (possible) moths. 

Abby wants to make another cowl.. Also on what kind of sock design to use with her New Zealand Possum Yarn.
Melissa is thinking about baby items and another cowl. She would like to learn or try a new technique. 

Abby has re-watched almost all of Outlander.
Melissa has watched Transparent and The Man from High Castle, both high recommendations, and can’t wait to get back The Walking Dead.
Abby compares Harry Potter, Sherlock and The Walking Dead.
Making a Murder
Podcasts mentioned


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  2. Hi Abby and Melissa. Thank you for yet another great episode! Abby, my 2015 was shitty too. Actually, I am sure it was the worst year in my entire life! But we survived! It can only get better. Hugs, Anna