Monday, February 2, 2015

144 Sunny Afternoon

We welcome guest barista M. K. Nance to the podcast. 

Grande: Nance has finished a trio of hats called Sudice. Each hat has a Polish name , and are knit from Three Fates yarn. You can find the hats here. Nancy also finished a hat from Lakes Yarn & Fiber called Fernan. Abby finished her Hitchhiker from yarn she spun from the (now defunct) Crown Mountain Farms fiber in San Francisco Nights, and Copperline mitts by Elizabeth Doherty out of Zealana Rimu DK. They are soft and lovely!

Latte: Nance is knitting a hat from Black Trillium Lilt in Blue Suede Shoes. The hat has no name — yet. Abby is knitting vanilla socks from Stray Cat Socks self striping yarn in the color Lollipop. Abby is also making Carson by Romi Hill from Collinette Jitterbug. There might not be enough yarn, but she plans to improvise if need be. Abby is also knitting Conina socks for Laura, but they are going very, very slowly. 

Brewing: Nance talks about how she learned to knit. A teacher thought knitting would give seven-year-old Nance the dexterity to learn to tie her shoes. Nance mentions N√•lebinding, which you can read about here. Nance’s design process begins with an idea, often a stitch pattern she designs in Stitch Mastery. 

BONUS: If you purchase one of Nance’s hats on her ravelry store between now and February 5th, use the discount code mentioned on the podcast for half off!

Abby is still pondering knitting a sweater! She would love to knit Queen Bee by Mary Scott Huff, but doesn’t currently have the yarn for it. She also talks about taking on brioche knitting, finally. 

Caffeinated: Abby is excited about the New York Times Cooking app, which is available for iPad and Android. 

Sofa: Abby has been watching Project Runway All Stars. HBO did a wonderful documentary called Banksy Does New York. We also mentioned Exit Through the Gift Shop which is related, in some ways. We are loving the new podcast Invisibilia. Don’t miss it! Nance recommends Anzac Girls, an Australian TV show. 

Events: Madrona! Maybe we’ll be there, maybe not. It’s undecided. 

You can check out Nance’s website here

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