Friday, December 27, 2013

136 - No Whine for You!

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Grande: Karen finished the Uncle Frank socks for her husband’s Christmas present, and her own Port Ludlow socks. Abby finished the “Generation Next Pullover” and her first pair of Felfs, which do not fit as well as expected.

Latte: Abby is knitting Skew from Fab Funky Fibres self striping  yarn, and her SPAKAL sweater from the Dark and Stormy pattern. These both gave her some Bitter Cup grief this week. The description of the left leaning  and right leaning lifted increases did not work well for Abby, but when she looked at this video by Cat Bordhi, everything became clear. Abby also mentioned Elizabeth Doherty's blog post about, rowing out. Karen is knitting a Gaptastic Cowl for her daughter from Dream in Color Classy. Abby mentioned the Alewives Cowl. Karen is also knitting her vanilla self-striping yarn, but wants to find a good solid color for the heel. Ben also is knitting a sock, and sent in the following photo:

Brewing: Abby is looking forward to knitting Mary ScottHuff’s Dragon scarf for her Madrona class, and is anxious to get started. We talk about knitting projects to wear at fiber festivals, such as Madrona, and the relative merits of the “wrong” side of stranded knitting.

Tip Jar: Abby has an idea about using knitting yarn to sew buttons on knitwear: just use a few of the plies.

Sofa: Abby recommends the Lady Gaga and Muppets HolidaySpectacular, if you like that kind of thing, available on Netflix. 


  1. Thanks for your endorsement of the Fish Lips Kiss Heel. I downloaded the pattern and look forward to using it!

    Happy New Year!

  2. I love your podcast. I'm not even a knitter. I crochet. But I discovered your podcast one morning and scrolled back to the beginning. Sometimes I have a cup of coffee with you in the morning and sometimes I have a glass of wine in the evening as you go through your cafe drinks. I always enjoy Ben, too. Someday I may knit, but you're a great gift to those of us who crochet because, in a crazy kind of way we're still talking the same language. AND YOU DO NOT WHINE!! :)