Monday, November 25, 2013

132 Knitting Everything All the Time

Don't mess with her; she's a black belt. 

Grande: Abby finished Ben’s texting mitts! It took two years, but they’re ready in time for Hanukkah.
Listen here.

Latte: Abby has begun knitting Meadow Socks from Rachel Coopey’s When Vampire Knit Socks. She’s knitting them out of Hazelknits Artisan Sock yarn. Abby might have to wear them with her Transparent Light Up Skechers because much of the patterning is on the top of the foot. She continues to knit her Vanilla Socks in self-striping yarn. After writing to Fly Designs about the knots found in the skein, Fly Designs refunded a portion of the purchase price. They also informed us that they are using new yarn bases now.  Bright and Sunny  is still in process, as is Miss Kalendar’s baby’s Star Trek The Next Generation pullover, now that Abby has solved the question of how to make the communicator badge. (Wool Felt)

Brewing: Abby wants to knit a shawl (or two, or three…) While wanting to cast on everything, next up is most likely Chicknits Alby and a lace shawl by Lily Go, but which one is a mystery. Abby also wants to knit Bigger on the Inside, and Martina Behm’s Miss Winkle. Abby believes that new knitters should use nice yarn!

Caffeinated: Alice Starmore’s Tudor Roses has been reissued! Go get it now; it’s gorgeous. Abby also says a big “thank you” to Pantoffels for gifting her The Art of Felfs: Felted footwear for families by Cat Bordhi. This is a wonderful book and the proceeds all go to breast cancer research. 

Coffee Cart: Abby went to three interesting Portland places this week:
1. The Button Emporium - where she finally got buttons for Shalder!
3. Pearl Fiber Arts (yet again!) where she met and spoke with Stacey of Thoroughly Thwacked     Yarns, and bought a skein of Self Striping sock yarn from which she intends to knit Skew.     You can find information about Stacey’s yarns here.

Stir: Abby’s Matchless is going home to Schacht to finally get that pesky noise removed. If you are interested in, but unschooled in spindle spinning, or you want to get a child ready for spinning, there is no time like Hanukkah! A dreydel is a wonderful top to learn to spin with; the flick to make the dreydel spin is the same as the one you use when you flick a spindle. Try it!

Sofa: Abby recommends two BBC shows: Orphan Black and Broadchurch. In honor of Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary, Google made  special Doodle that is an interactive game. You can still find it, and play it here

Events: Abby and Karen (and many other of our favorite people) will be at Madrona. Abby is also going to Stitches West and will deliver Halos of Hope hats, so get started on them!

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