Sunday, July 14, 2013

122 Coming in for a Landing

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Welcome Guest Barista Karen! (CallmeK2 on ravelry) Karen didn't say this on the podcast but she is a masterful knitter and spinner, not to mention a wonderful friend.

Latte: Karen and Abby are both knitting the Vanessa Antiopa socks. Karen is using Wollmeise and Abby is using Cascade Heritage. Our socks look quite different and we theorize about why. Karen is also knitting Ysolda Teague's Vivian, but the knitting is stalled at the moment. Karen mentioned Mary Scott Huff's class at Madrona, Planning Ahead for Happy Endings.  Sounds like good advice!

Grande: Karen finished an eye-searingly bright pair of  "Unapologetically Electrical" pink socks; well, sort of. The toe of one sock needs to be shortened by a couple of rows. 

Chai: When I was in San Francisco, I had the pleasure of visiting Princess Animal, a wonderful knitting "nook" in the back of Serendipity. Kathy (mancall on ravelry), the owner, has a well-curated selection of yarn and knitting and sewing books. It's definitely worth your time and your support! 

Brewing: We discuss selecting and packing knitting for international travel. We both are thinking of casting on Elizabeth Doherty's Alewives cowl, and other projects. We talk a bit about hot weather knitting, and how to pick a project when you want to knit everything

Stir: The Tour de Fleece continues. Abby's touring, Karen is not. Karen's Matchless is making a sound, most likely due to dry leather footmen. Stay tuned for the cure, which might involve a visit to the horse tack store. 
Home made from a repurposed sheep wagon.

Sofa: Abby is still deep into The West Wing. Karen has been watching, and loving the British show Sherlock and also talks about You Live in What? which has featured a converted sheep wagon community, among other unusual dwellings. 

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