Tuesday, February 26, 2013

109 - Keep on Knitting

OK listeners, how would YOU turn on the water?

Listen here.

Latte: I'm still working on: Twisted Flower Socks, SPAKAL Sweater (Bright and Sunny), Ben's Mitts and I cast on a Wingspan shawl out of Mini Mochi. 

Brewing: I've been thinking about the adage "Form follows function." After staying in a hotel room where the bathroom had been renovated into all squares. The form and function of the bathroom "appliances" seemed to have nothing to do with each other. This doesn't work! It doesn't work in knitting and it doesn't seem to work in home furnishings either. What's going on here? What do you think?

Stir: I did some spinning at Madrona (of course) which I will detail more in a later episode. I did, however, acquire some fiber, namely: Crown Mountain Farms Superwash Merino in the color way Season of the Witch, Opulent Fibers 70% merino, 30% Tussah silk in a fire engine red and Woolgatherings Organic Polwarth in the colors of spring crocuses. I also got some undyed Jacob fiber, Merino Cross and BFL/silk, all from Crown Mountain. Mary, my Fairy Godmother, gave me some Abstract Fiber 50/50 Cashmere/Silk in the color Malificent - so named by Laura the Joy of Cooking Fairy

At Madrona, I also purchased a wee bit of yarn.

I frogged my Color Affection/Affliction. I had a look at it and it just didn't appeal to me anymore. I will knit it again, with a different third yarn. 


  1. What a strange faucet! Do you lift or press the lever on the right side?

  2. Do you just put your hands under the faucet and it turns on automatically?

    Wizzdumb on ravelry

  3. Does it have an automatic eye? The lever on the right would be for the tempeture, right?

    My sister had a strange faucet in her last house. Tempeture on the right, lever on the left made the water go.....

  4. I'd say you pull the lever out to the right then up and down for temperature. Weird faucet and I'd hats to be the person who has to keep those interior corners clean!

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  6. Actually those kind of faucets are rather common here in Europe... in places where the design is modern.

  7. On the faucet, I hope the other commenter had the answer, otherwise, huh?

    Have you seen Knit New York, by Lauren O'Farrell. You might enjoy it better. She also wrote Knit London (including yarn for a pidgeon, so cute). And Knit Scotland, next on my wish list.

    On the things that don't work, it is soooo frustrating, isn't it. I have a coffee mug, from a big Seattle and worldwide coffee company, which has a slip out paper liner designed to be replaced by the owners own drawing, pictures, whatever. I got my grandsons to draw me pictures, I photo-shopped them onto one sheet, I put it in the mug. Then I carefully, very carefully, hand washed it EVERY SINGLE TIME. It still got the paper wet, and eventually, the wet paper wouldn't even come out to be replaced. Well, I found another knock off (probably cheaper) similar mug. The second one, however, when you removed the bottom the same way as the first, the outside clear plastic simply came away from the inner coffee holder part. I could put pictures between similarly, AND I could put the inner coffee holder in the dishwasher, without endangering the paper pictures in any way. Amazing. So similar, but so different.

    Just one more comment, then I'll quit. (I've thought of writing a book on this topic actually.) I buy a certain brand of coffee, mainly because it comes in a container which has an indented side, so that it is easy to pick up. So simple, doesn't hurt anyone who doesn't have a problem with larger containers, but much easier for me. Plus I do like the coffee, otherwise I would buy one, and put the other coffee into this container.

    Great podcast, as always.

    Suzie Volksknitter

    1. Oh sorry, and I looked it up, too:

      Stitch New York, by Lauren O'Farrell and
      Stitch London, by Lauren O'Farrell.