Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Episode 80 - Solo

Abby was on her own this week; Ben has been under the weather.
Latte: This week Abby focused mainly on the Ebbtide Knitalong shawl and the Rocky Coast Cardigan. She's also about to cast on a pair of Hickory socks for one of her teachers.
Stir: Abby has been spinning along with The Spin Doctor Podcast's Jacey Boggs Spin Art spinalong.
More spinning: Abby learned to use a high whorl spindle and can finally enjoy both her Bosworth and her Golding drop spindles. 
Taste: Review of Knitting Never Felt Better by Nicky Epstein.

Take a Bite: What have you done or would you like to do with "art" or "textured" yarn?
Caffeinated: Abby was very excited to read the article "Your Brain on Fiction" and urges you to read it! As a result, she has jumped into Stephen King's lastest book 11/22/63.
Demi Tasse: Abby just bought a new pair of "Dimrs" for those pesky headlights. 
Tip Jar: Abby is using this dental floss case to carry a supply of crochet cotton.
Unclassifiable: Knit a Uterus! Find out why and how here.


  1. Abby & Ben,
    I was listening to your podcast this week and was really inspired by your question. What to do with art yarn?

    So here are my ideas for decorating with Art yarn...Not making garments out of it.
    1. Wrap the yarn around an old lamp, lamp shade, vase, etc.
    2.) Use it like piping in sewing or add it to existing pillows, blankets, quilt tops, place mats, etc.
    3.) Tassels!!
    4.) For a larger project, incorporate it into your furniture - wrap table legs, make designs under glass on a table.
    I've been brainstorming like crazy. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. Loved the podcast and hope Ben is feeling better. Hope you are moving to the northwest!!!

  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH for the review of Knitting Never Felt Better. I purchased a copy, and I love, love, love this book.

    Great show!

    Lee Bernstein

  4. Art yarn should be seen. I think a cowl, hat or scarf is a good use for it is it isn't too itchy. I have some handspun that I am going to make a cowl out of. It is not real flashy crazy stuff however. I actually bought it because I wanted to make a cowl out of it. I am not sure I have the personality to wear real flamboyant art yarn.